Thursday, July 23, 2009

Unusual Words

Okay, writers. What unusual/funny/cool/interesting words have you used in your short stories and novels? Below are a few words I've used in my current novel (with an explanation of how they were used). Yummy - How Alex referred to the sexy Sgt. Tony Montgomery Bamboozled - How Suzy felt about her son's surprise Bread - A seventies term referring to money and used often by Hope's hippie dad Scumbag - What Sgt. Montgomery called a meth dealer Cyber friends - Displaced New Yorker Cheri's only friends Testy - Marc, the gay florist's, description of Suzy's bratty bride What fun, interesting words have you used lately?


  1. I've also used 'scumbag' in my current novel. I guess the word's not as out of date as I'd thought. It's been years since I've heard 'bread' used to describe money, but I remember using it in my youth. There's my age showing again!

    I have a blog now as well:
    Check it out if you get a chance.

  2. I dated a guy in the 80's (a professor/Ph.D. type) who used the word "scumbag" all the time. Great, descriptive word for dirt bags. lol I like it. Some words are timeless.

    Yes, bread is a seventies term used by one of my character's parents who are seriously stuck in that decade. Funny chapters to write, for sure. I love writing about hippies for some reason. Maybe because the music was so great back then.

    I'll check out your blog soon. Crazy month around here with family visiting all month, plus two family members in the hospital. Hard to keep up.

  3. I can't think of anything unusual. Maybe my characters aren't quirky enough these days. Have to fix that.

  4. How about difrugalty? I've never found it in a dictionary, but my dad uses this word all the time. Usually when he's balancing his checkbook.