Friday, September 18, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

Thanks to fellow blogger Shirley McCann who nominated me for the Honest Scrap Award. This award goes to bloggers who write from the heart. To fulfill our Honest Scrap duties, I must list ten things about myself and nominate others for this award. Top ten things about me (in no particular order): 1. I love and cherish my family and friends. 2. I adore writing novels but it is such hard work. 3. Simple things make me happy: Finding a wildflower in the woods, seeing a deer, buying a cool bookmark or cute pair of earrings. 4. T.J. Maxx is my favorite store, hands down. 5. Every Thursday, hubby and I eat pizza and watch Survivor and Grey's Anatomy. 6. My favorite suspense authors are James Patterson and Harlan Coben. 7. A chilled glass of chardonnay is hard to beat. 8. My husband and I both love to dance. 9. As a single mom for 16 years, I am very close to my amazingly talented daughter. 10. I was vice president of a local bank for several years. I pass the Honest Scrap Award to bloggers Jean Rosenow, Virginia Pohlenz, Louise Jackson, M.J. Macie, Jessica Carter and Jarie Lyn Robbins.


  1. I haven't read Harlen Coben in awhile. He's wonderful! Love the twists at the end.

  2. Vice President of a BANK?????????????? Now I'm really intimidated. You're smarter than I thought!! That probably didn't come out right. It's not that I didn't think you were already smart. Oh well. it's only 5:30 on a Saturday. What can you expect.

  3. LOL, Shirley. I started as director of marketing, and a couple of years later, was promoted to VP. I was a single mom at the time and had worked very hard to climb that corporate ladder. I was thrilled when the president told me, to say the least.

    I remember my stepdaughters gave me flowers and my husband took me out to dinner. It was a great, albeit stressful, job and also where I met my husband (he was a customer)!

  4. oh, now I feel like a jerk! I didn't know Jess and Al gave you flowers! ugghhh...what did your real daughter do? Big fat nothing?!!! Well, I was (and still am very proud of you!) Especially now that you've finished your novel! YEAH :) love you xoxo

  5. Amy, you silly girl. You weren't here at the time. You were either at some dance show/competition or in Kansas City. Can't remember. You've always been my biggest cheerleader. Love, Mom xoxo

  6. Congrats on Bloggers Honest Scrap Award.
    Your's is great!
    Good Housekeeping Story- Glad we have both submitted. Good luck on winning! Of all their
    entries, "Ours should be at the top of the list." I hear you laughing, and I know it is in total agreement!