Friday, October 23, 2009

More Spooky Stories...

'Tis the scary season, so I'll share a few more spooky stories. When my sister, cousins, friends and I were in middle and high school, we were intrigued with otherworldly things. Maybe all kids are at that age. Below were our top three choices to make contact with spirits. Ouija board As you probably know, this is a board containing the alphabet, "yes and no," and various symbols. Participants ask a question, lightly place their fingers on the pointer, and let it slide (be guided) to the correct answer. Of course, we asked things like, "Will so and so kiss me?" "Does he think I'm cute?" Of course, the pointer would miraculously land on the appropriate answer. Levitation was another method we used. To this day, I don't know how it worked because we were all barely 100 pounds (maybe 115) and would somehow lift a body. A person would lie flat on the ground with two girls on each side, one at the head, and another at the feet. We'd say some mystic thing and then be able to lift the body into the air using only two fingers each. I'm still puzzled by how young girls could do this, but it worked every time. Chills. Seances were, by far, the scariest practice we used. Once, on the gounds of my cousin's very old home, we built a bonfire and sat in a circle. A woman who supposedly knew how to contact spirits did her thing. She kept staring at me and finally said she saw her grandmother over my head. I ran screaming as did everyone else. When I got to the house, I had a mark on my forehead. It looked like two fingernail scratches and was bloody. I tried to tell myself I had run into a tree limb. BUT the next day my mother had the exact same mark on her forehead! She didn't tell me for weeks but that ended my seance, levitation and Ouija board activities. Have you tried these methods? Did they work?


  1. Ooh! You really were into some spooky stuff? Ouija Boards have always scared me. Don't think I ever tried one. Never tried levitation. But my sister and I, as well as some neighbors, did try a seance once. Unfortunately the "boys" were outside our window trying to scare us. Didn't work out so well. Never tried it again. Probably too many spooky things out there without trying to "scare" them up!

    But I am a big fan of Jason and Grant!!

  2. We were definitely into spooky things for about three years. Not sure why. Maybe because we didn't have much money and that was a form of cheap entertainment. We loved to scare ourselves and run screaming from the room! I still scratch my head over that levitation thing.

    Who is Jason and Grant?!!

  3. Beth, my sister and I participated in all the things you mentioned. I had completely forgotten about the levitation until you mentioned it. It really worked too. We did the ouija board and seance's too. The ouija board kind of freaks me out now. But those were fun times.

  4. JarieLyn, how do you suppose the levitation worked? That's what scares me! Did you also do it with just a few young girls?

    The Ouija board didn't bother me (we "made" it move to find out about boys! ha) but I see it bothers you and Shirley. Maybe I should have been more concerned...

  5. My Brother and I had some kind of ??? going.
    We never wanted to identify what it really was that was there but it just was...
    One time he dreamed bad dreams about me for three nights. He drove in the middle of the night About 100 miles,and told Mom to check on me the next day. I lived about 45 Miles on from her. (I didn't have a phone and Cell Phones were not invented yet.)When she got there, I ran out the door and said,"How did you know I needed you?!!!"
    Another time my husband and I and my 8 year old son Steve were on our way to Mom's house.
    About a 3 hour drive. Shortly after starting I said, "Wouldn't it be funny if Bob was at Mom's when we get there?"
    My DH said,"You just talked to your mom before we left and Bob called her from Missouri day before yesterday, no way he could be there." I kept feeling he would be there and he was there. He had gotten there about 30 minutes before us. After talking to Mom he started for California and drove straight through from MO. When we talked about it he and I were glad there was some kind of connection but didn't want to investigate it. Mom thought we should be tested.

  6. Jan, are you and your brother twins by chance? Sounds like you have a very close connection. That's cool.

  7. That's interesting, Jan. Especially if you're twins. That opens up all kinds of questions. Would make a great story, wouldn't it??