Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Are You a Writer, Author or Novelist?

I've always loved writing and have considered myself a writer for decades since I've written non-fiction work-related articles, expository essays, television scripts, annual reports, short stories or my new love--novel writing. When I finished my novel this summer, my husband referred to me as a novelist. I stopped dead in my tracks. I really liked the sound of that. The delightful title had not occurred to me before he uttered that wonderful word. Novelist. Sigh. It sounds romantic and mysterious, doesn't it? And very artistic. Somehow that single word makes the two years of hard, solitary work worthwhile. Thanks, hubby. Happily, I wholeheartedly agree with him. When a writer finishes a big piece of work (i.e., over 300 pages) and there's a story full of compelling characters and plot twists with a true beginning, middle and end (woo hoo for the end), I believe they have become a novelist. As for author, though, I won't proclaim that title until I'm published. What do you think? Do you consider yourself a writer, novelist or author?


  1. I consider myself a writer. Years ago, I read somewhere that an author is someone who writes but doesn't necessarily make money doing it. A writer makes money.

    While having my work in print is very rewarding, being paid for my work is double the reward. So I'm a writer.

  2. Interesting thought, Shirley. I've not heard that one. What I'd heard was that a writer is writing, an author is published. So, I've been both of those. Never thought of myself as a novelist before, though. Another new thought :).

  3. Shirley, I'd say you're both a writer and a novelist since I know you've published many short stories and have written at least two full length YA novels.

    Terry, I'd say you're all three! See, you had a third hat and didn't even realize it.

    I'll always consider myself a writer because writers write. That's what we do. But now, according to my husband, I'm also a novelist. I love that title and I'm keeping it!

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