Sunday, May 2, 2010


In honor of Mother's Day next weekend, let's honor moms all over the world with some creative, fun, poignant six-word MOMoirs. Here are ten I've written:

Supermoms do it without a cape.
Eighth Wonder of the World: Moms
Daughter becoming like me. Chuckle, smile.
World's best blackberry cobbler: My mom's.
Mom made my velvet Barbie dress.
Twin babies: Extreme motherhood by fire.
Love watching babies discover, learn, blossom.
My mom: Most unselfish person ever.
Moms need to pamper themselves, too.
Children. Now, I understand unconditional love.

Come up with some of your own here and then enter them in SMITH Magazine's MOMoir contest at

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there! Celebrate yourselves next Sunday.


  1. Daughter, mom, grandmother: life's a trip!
    Mom's live FOREVER in our hearts.
    Mom: car accident victim--heart embrace.
    Evening in Paris perfume--Mom's favorite.
    Hugs, dandelions, cards: Mom's favorite gifts.
    Mom ALWAYS made me feel loved.
    Died too young but still remembered.

  2. Those are beautiful and heartfelt, Ginny. Thanks for sharing and please submit them to SMITH. You might win a book or tee shirt.

    I added a new one:
    Love Pink. Glad I had daughter.

  3. Congratulations on the 6 Word Memoir Newsletter post--it was really nice. I printed it for my scrapbook.

    I did submit some 6-worders--gonna go back with more as soon as I can find the time.

  4. Guess what??? I actually got one of my six-worders on the 1st page this time.
    Hugs, dandelions, cards: Mom's favorite gifts. Whoooooo, Hooooo!!!

    I saw you got one on the 1st page, too. Congratulations! It does give you an "upper," doesn't it?

  5. Yea, Ginny. So happy you made page one! It's thrilling to see your picture, words and name in print isn't it? BTW, LOVE the six words you chose.

  6. I missed this posting and now can't think of anything. But I know my sis submitted some Momoirs to Smith.

    Such fun to read.