Monday, June 7, 2010

Update On Ohio Conference

I just returned from Lori Foster's Annual Reader & Author Get-Together in Ohio. I'd say 350-400 people attended. I met writers from several states--Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska, Florida, Maine, California, Ohio, Pennsylvania and even Vancouver, Canada!

The conference is unique in that both writers and readers attend, plus agents and editors who are looking for the next new voice. Unique gift baskets were raffled off, book signings were held, agents took pitches, editors held a Q&A, and there was even a pirate-themed party.

At the conference, I asked everyone what they wrote. Here are the most popular genres: Erotica. YA. Erotica. Historical Romance. Erotica. Contemporary Romance. Erotica. Women's Fiction. Erotica. Cozy Mysteries. Erotica. Notice a common thread, here? Wow. If you write or read erotica, you must go to this conference. Even if you're like me and do not write erotica you will meet great writers and welcoming authors. It was also interesting to hear what the readers actually enjoy reading. Lori Foster has a great idea here in pairing the two.

I was lucky enough to pitch to both Jennifer Schober with Spencerhill Associates and Laura Bradford with Bradford Literary since there were a couple of cancellations. And...drum roll, please...both asked to see the first 30 pages!!! Yippee. I hope they fall in love with my manuscript and fight to the bitter end over who gets to represent me. You writers know what I'm talking about.

So...immediately, if not sooner, I must reengineer my query (yet again) and synopsis (yet again) and get them sent off to Jennifer and Laura. Oh, and I'll have to revamp those 30 pages, I'm sure. This time I won't tweak for a year, though. I'm giving myself 48 hours.

Finally, here's a shout out to the Marriott Cincinnati North which had the most accommodating, courteous staff I've ever encountered--and the food was great.

Hope to see you in Ohio next year.


  1. Congratulations, Beth.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful AND profitable time in Ohio.

    Must have been sooooo exciting.

  2. Yes, it would have only been better if I had a sweet writer friend like you with me! But I've got lots of new writer friends now. Maybe I can get some of them to attend our ORA conference.

  3. This sounds like a lot of fun. We have writer's festivals in Australia, but I don't hear about conferences here... Darned Pacific Ocean! :)

  4. It was fun, Noelani. Yes, darned Pacific Ocean. I've never been to Australia but that's on my to-do list some day.

    P.S. Enjoyed your blog, your pic is so cute with your pooch, and also love the cover of Crisp Whites. What is it about?

  5. You are SO on a roll, Beth. With your enthusiasm, you're gonna get a contract within the year! I can just feel it.

    I really miss the old ORA conferences when they had editors and agents attend. We need a BIG two-day conference here!

  6. Shirley, I hope we BOTH get contracts during 2010. We could have a dual book signing!!!

    I would love to be able to draw agents to the Midwest. Maybe some of the writers' groups could pool their funds to pull it off. Anyone ever done that?

  7. I had a great time at the conference too. A wonderful experience for us Get Together newbies. Here's hoping the agents get back to both of us with requests for fulls!

  8. You sold me! Next year I'll have my manuscript ship shape and can pitch after you've already been signed of course.

  9. Nicole, what do you write? So glad they requested partials from you, too. Did you meet with both agents?

    Stephanie, yes, you must go! Maybe several of us can attend next June. I hope I'll have another ms to pitch next year!

  10. Nicole, I checked your profile and you have written a LOT. Publishing credits, too. Very impressive. I loved the Be Mused anthology idea about writers and their muses. Where is that available?

  11. Congrats Beth
    Hope to hear soon that they are fighting over your representation.