Friday, September 3, 2010


Ten years goes by quickly when you're an adult. I was thinking about what I was doing ten years ago, and what I'd like to be doing ten years from now.

Ten years ago, I was a single mom and vice president of a bank. I was stressed all the time, working on a gazillion projects at once like television scripts, billboards, print ads, web copy, trade shows, and groan, so much more. I chaired 8 a.m. marketing meetings every Monday (the worst possible day of the week for an 8 o'clock meeting). I did corporate writing exclusively and certainly didn't have time for my current writing pleasures. My daughter was graduating high school and heading off to college. We were in dance mode all the time--lessons, shows, performances, you name it. And I was dating my now-husband.

Fast forward ten years to 2020. Hmmm. Wonder what I'll be up to? I hope that I'll have at least two novels published, three or four children's picture books published, a non-fiction book published, and I'll still be writing those fun six-word memoirs. Maybe I'll stop worrying about what I eat, stop exercising and get fat! Probably not. But it's quite possible that I'll die my hair red or cut it short. I need to do something crazy. I do hope to slow down, take time to smell the daisies, travel more with hubby, enjoy grandbabies, and do whatever it is that seniors do. Maybe I'll even get a rocking chair.

How about you? What were you doing ten years ago? What do you hope to be doing in a decade?


  1. Great blog post, Beth. Ten years ago, I too was dating my now husband, insanely busy working, teaching, and writing my doctoral dissertation. Ten years from now, I'll likely be dealing with my obstreperous thirteen almost fourteen year old wishing for the good old days when I could cuddle with him in our comfy chair. (Oh, and I'll have a few books published and probably still have purple hair!)

    Stephanie Jarkins

  2. Huh...

    Ten years ago I was also working too much, trying to raise two teenagers. I also worked in banking, but I didn't carry the load you did. Unfortunately, I did have the crazy hours. I knew I wanted to write but didn't have the faith in myself.

    Ten years from now I'd like to be multi-published and have book signings in exotic locals, have grandchildren to spoil, and a full time housekeeper ;)

    Thanks! This was fun :)

  3. Um, is it bad I can't really remember?? LOL
    Let's see, my oldest was 4, my youngest wasn't born yet -- we hadn't even decided to have another child yet! We did still own our trucking business, so my days would have been office work/payroll etc.
    Ten years from now? I hope we have moved to the lake and I'm working on novel #......... lol

  4. I love this post. How fun to remember and dream!

    Ten years ago I was working in a medical clinic as a switchboard operator. My kids were 12 and 18. I had no grandchildren. And I wasn't as fat as I am now.

    Ten years from now I'd like to be multi-published in books. I'd also like my kids to be self-reliable so they can stop stressing me out. A home on the lake with my own fishing dock would be nice too.

  5. BTW, Beth. Just noticed your quotable quote. LOVE IT!! I may steal it.

  6. Ten years ago I was getting ready for a long bike ride with Focus on the Family. We did the actual ride in October form Licking to Branson.

    I had poly cystic ovarian syndone, had a hysterectomy earlier that year where they found uterine cancer. I was beginning to get my full strength back. The bike ride was therapeutic physically, emotionally and spiritually. I remember it well.

    In ten years from now I hope I am teaching and have gotten myself fit enough to make those types of long bikerides a regular thing.

  7. Hi Beth,
    Please---Never Get FAT !
    Ten Years ago I was 67 pounds heaver than I am now. Yo-Yoing. I must have lost thousands of pounds in my short lifetime. This is not an exaggeration.
    In 2000-2001 my Husband Herb was coming to the end of his over ten year struggle with Heart Bypass and two related surguries. Prostrate Cancer Radiation. COPD and Emphyshema.
    2002 my 40 year old son Stephen died.
    2004 helped Mom Amy take care of my brother Bob, dying of brain tumor,lost leg from Diabetis. He passed away on 18 July 2004.
    Mom had an Anurism and passed away 9 August 2004.
    My belief in God. Helpful younger son Ken, now 40 years old, and good friends brought me through all this.
    I am counting 2009 as my new revised me start.
    Lost 40 pounds since March 2010. In ten years I would like many magazine stories published, 3 or 4 books. A Children's book or two. I would like to make money from all of them. I also want a house keeper. Merry Maids once a week would be fabulous! Organised home and life!
    Looking back in ten years, I want to see growth in my faith. My son Ken happy and healthy. All you lovely friends still around me, happy and healthy. May all our dreams come true in these next ten years.

  8. Ladies, what interesting comments and conversation! Thank you for these personal insights. I hope we all meet our goals in the next ten years.

    Jan, sorry about all the tragedy you've faced.

  9. My brain leaks--not sure I can remember ten years ago. I will try---I was happily enjoying eight of my eleven grandchildren. I know that for a fact because I can subtract AND I've always loved and enjoyed the g-kids. I was working nights and had just began to think about doing some "serious" writing. Had enrolled in a couple of creative writing classes at OTC. I find pleasure in very simple things so I was enjoying a rather ordinary life made extraordinary by my family and friends.

    In ten years I hope to still be living and breathing. I would hope to be published AND still enjoying the pleasures of extraordinary friends and family.

  10. BTW, Beth,

    For some reason that's only known by the Cyber-Space Gremlin--my comments on all the blogs that I followed kept getting "bumped off." Finally gave up trying--so glad I got through today.