Monday, October 25, 2010


We're in the last quarter of 2010. What are you working on both personally and professionally? I've decided to post my list so I'll be forced to check it off before Christmas or face public humiliation!

Professional Projects

1. Compile list of agents to query
2. Query said agents (for my women's fiction)
3. Start back on my JANO project (novel #2)
4. Continue to submit monthly poems to the David Harrison site
5. Update my blog weekly
6. Draft my non-fiction book proposal
7. Write one or two more picture books
8. Write the JANO press release and JANO page for our site
9. Attend monthly writers' meetings
10. Add more recipes to my cookbook
11. Ponder novel #3 (plot ideas and character bios) for JANO 2011

Personal projects

1. Place books on my new bookshelves
2. Decorate for Halloween (oops. It's almost here. Might as well skip.)
3. Decorate for Christmas
4. Buy five gifts for November birthdays
5. Buy Christmas gifts for twenty people! Ack.
6. Get new curtains/shades for my office
7. Bake more for hubby

That's enough for now. How about you? What's on your checklist?


  1. Oh Beth. You're actually putting everything out here for all to see. Now you're committed.

    I'm just gonna commit to two things.

    1. Do NaNoWrite
    2. Outline book for JANO 2011

    Of course, I have others on a private list, but I'm not as brave as you. I'm keeping them to myself for now.

  2. Well, I have a rather short list because I've been adding to my Ta-Dah! list. Thank you, Jill S. for that term.

    Anyway, I've been amazed at the time consumption in producing and promoting my Ham It Up video. Placing in it is my primary goal right now. BTW, I'd appreciate votes from all that view it here: My entry is "A New Generation" by vlgregory (my maiden name).

    I've committed myself to a poem every month on David Harrison's W-O-M Poem blog.

    There are four contest forms from The Writer magazine on my desk that I plan to enter. Two other contest forms from friends laying on top of them that I plan to enter.

    Headed to Winslow, AR, this weekend for a workshop with Velda Brotherton.

    Have committed myself to attend at least 75% of all my groups' monthly/bi-weekly meetings throughout the next year.

    Drum roll, please----------I WILL finish my two primary novels this coming year!!!!!!

    Finally, I WILL finish my Sally Bluejacket package to submit to Carus (or anyone else) that I can think of.

    Wow! Did I say short list? I thik I've gone beyond short.

  3. Welllllll, I'm going to add one more item to that "short" list. Just received a notice of a Young Adult Novel Contest by Gotham Writers' Workshop. I think I will submit Saddlesores and Prairie Biscuts--Title and first 250 words. Begins Nov. 1.

    So much for me being "short" with words. LOL

  4. Ha! Ladies, I thought of a couple more myself. I need to submit more six-word memoirs (how could I forget that???) and send up to 750 words to SMITH for their newest book describing The MOMENT our lives changed.

    Shirley, I probably should have stuck to brevity like you did -- and good luck with NaNo. Can't wait to hear all about it.

    Ginny, you go girl. Good luck with all those contests. I hope you win Green Eggs and Ham!!!