Saturday, January 29, 2011

Six Words on JANO

It's here. The final weekend of JANO. Sadly, I'm not inspired today. Here are some kick-in-the-pants six-word memoirs we all need as writers (I'm talking mainly to myself at the moment.)

Hunker down and write. Repeat daily.
Aching fingers, tired back. JANO time.
Get back to normal Feb. 1.
Homestretch for JANO. Type away madly.
Ignore social media, emails. Just JANO!
Are 50,000 words doable? Yes. Maybe.
50,000 words. One month? We're nuts.
Wearing wrist braces. Must be JANO.

Care to add some of your own?


  1. Nyquil, Dayquil, Vicks, Jano. Good Grief!


  2. Ha! Ain't that the truth?!! LOL. I'm falling apart and did the same thing last year. Not sure if it's from JANO or the holiday madness meltdown.

    How are you coming on your Cleveland picture book? I can't wait to get back to mine!

  3. Albert. Cleveland. Lou. Sean. Brenda, hurry!!!

    These six word things could be addictive.

  4. Still working on Cleveland. I had an article assignment with a last Friday deadline. Didn't get the assignment until Monday afternoon. So Cleveland was put on hold yet again. I hope you are feeling better.

  5. You are on a roll and six-word memoirs are highly addictive. Fun, too. Here's mine:

    Beth needs an illustrator. Now, please.

  6. I can't come up with a six-word for Jano. But I'll keep thinking and let you know.

    BTW, I hate football, but I did vote for the food. We're having a party here too!

  7. Come on, Shirley. You can write 50,000 words in three weeks but you can't come up with six compelling words?!! lol There's something terribly wrong with that picture.

  8. Hanging head in shame--no JANO!

    >Brenda, 6-Worders are definitely addictive!

  9. Hi Beth,
    My measley 2844 Jano Word Count?
    Lost five pages, didn't rewrite them.
    What did I do Jano month?
    I do,want a Jano Win!
    Sickness and Jano count don't mix.
    Is my JANO rant more excuses?
    JANO next year, another winning chance.
    Jano is such fun,December finish.
    RUNAWAY COUSINS,JANO start, keep working.
    Jano, write, forget e-mail,keep writing.
    Hope to see you: Jano Party.

  10. Ginny, there's always next year. I like your six-word memoir.

    Jan, sorry you've been sick but glad you got some words in. Thanks for your sixes!