Sunday, March 13, 2011

E-Publishing Vs. Traditional Publishing

Well, what do you think? Would you try e-publishing? Have you tried it? And do you enjoy reading books via a Kindle or Nook rather than a hard copy in your hands?

E-publishing is definitely on the rise and there are some notable success stories of late. Namely, Amanda Hocking who is just 26 and has published nine novels going this route. Her books have sold from $.99 to $2.99, and get this, she has sold a million books! You don't need a calculator to add up her impressive sales.

Hocking's trilogy has also been optioned for a movie. Her genre is YA paranormal romance and urban fantasy. I have to wonder if that genre attributes to her success. I don't imagine many baby boomers or seniors would purchase that book and her audience--teens and twenty-somethings--are very tech savvy.

Recently, Sleuths' Ink featured a guest blogger, thriller author Boyd Morrison who wrote The Ark. Morrison also e-published and sold a gazillion books online. Of note, both of these authors have agents. I wonder if they got them before or after they e-published?

Finally, Sleuths' Ink founder Shirley McCann recently e-published a collection of her short story mysteries that were once published in Woman's World. I understand she is also going to e-publish her YA novel, The Necklace. Kudos to you, Shirley, and here's to much success! BTW, this baby boomer likes your YA because it isn't filled with crazy other world stuff.

I do want to know the answer to one question: How do you have a book signing if you e-publish? Please chime in and let me know if you plan to e-publish. I'm definitely open to the idea.


  1. E-book signings might be something to think about, Beth. I would think you might even have more options than just traditional book stores for ebooks. For example, Target and Best Buy also sell the Kindle, so that might be a place to try for a book signing.

    I also keep a stack of business cards with my ebook on them. Whenever I see someone reading on a Kindle or Nook, I pass them out and mention I'm the author of the book. I know a few people who have expressed interest in purchasing my ebook that way.

    You're the queen of marketing, so I'm sure you have a few great ideas for us e-book authors as well. Give it up!!!

  2. Hi, Beth!

    I agree with Shirley - I think you have great ideas ... I'm kind of waiting for you to come through for me! : )

    If you're looking for an interesting author to check out on the subject, I am a big fan of J.A. Konrath. He has a blog called "The Newbie's Guide to Publishing" that I love. Konrath writes detective novels - and has for awhile. (Most of them are titled after alcoholic drinks, and his protagonist is named Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels.) Anyway, he used to publish traditionally and did very well. But (according to his blog - we're not best buds or anything) he decided e-books were the wave of the future and that was the way to go. Now he's pretty much the King of Kindle. His blog is free, of course, but you can buy it (on Kindle, naturally - very cheap) if you want to download the whole thing at once. I did, and I think it was worth it. He's funny and has a lot of good ideas, although his writing is not everyone's cup of tea. His site is

    Also, I think all authors and aspiring authors should consider joining goodreads and shelfari (and friend me!!) These sites are free, they're fun, and they have separate author programs with a lot of good ideas. And it's a great way to find out about new books, other authors, all that good stuff.

    Okay, enough rambling from me for one night!!


  3. Wow, Diane and Shirley, I think you are both well on your way to being epub marketing gurus. Since you've both done it and I haven't, you're ahead of me.

    Shirley, I love that you have business cards at the ready and give them to ereaders to market your book. Brilliant!

    Diane, thanks for J.K. Konrath's blog. I think I follow him on Twitter. I'm rarely on there any more. Also appreciate hearing about goodreads and shelfari. Now, you're ahead of me. What is that?

    If I had an ebook, I'd also want a softcover to go with it for friends, family, and a couple of signings. I'd also place ads in techy magazines or go to techy trade shows (or women's shows or writers' conferences) with a flyer/business cards describing my book (Diane, your flyer that you gave to ORA last summer was great).

    Of course, I'd promote the heck out of it on FB, Twitter, and my blog. I'd also seek out younger folks and boomers who are more inclined to use an ereader (maybe at trendy coffee shops or colleges where you can post flyers or biz cards.

    Hmmm. I'll have to think of some more ideas. It would depend on the genre as well.

  4. P.S. While on vacation, I saw SEVERAL people tanning while reading either a Kindle or an iPad. I was very impressed and also worried that they'd get sunscreen all over them!

  5. Hi Beth,
    I apologize for not commenting sooner. I try to keep up with all my writing friend's blogs, but I don't always get the chance to comment.

    I think e-publishing is the way of the future. Writers need to be prepared to offer this option to succeed in this business. Hard copy books will always be around, but e-books are a great way to market to this tech-savvy generation.

    Keep up the great blog!

    Amanda J. Barke
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    2010 President, Springfield Writers' Guild

  6. Hi Beth,

    Great promotion ideas here. I think any avenue to put your work out there for the public is good. I would prefer a contract where everything is done for you. However even those with contracts are having to do a lot of promotion to make the most out of what they have created.
    Come to the Cherry Blosson Festival and try out the e-publishing cards there. I am putting info on SLeuth's Ink link.

  7. Although I love the feel of a book in my hand, it is obvious that epub's are the wave of the future. I would be thrilled to be published in either venue. (Guess that means that I need to get busy, though.)

    Electronic or hardcover--I wish all of you success this year. I know our group has wonderful potential.

  8. Thanks for commenting Mandy, Jan and Ginny. I agree with all your thoughts. Bottom line: Epub is not only the wave of the future, it's here! Writers need to get on board.

  9. I didn't think I would like Kindle. I have it on my iPhone and just finished reading, The Lincoln Lawyer (which is an amazing story). I found the iPhone book easy and convenient. When I want a story, I just go to Kindle and download. It doesn't get easier than that. I'm all for e-publishing now.

  10. Hi, M.J. welcome back!

    Good to know it's so easy for technophobes like me. I'm going to have to get with the program!

    Will also check out The Lincoln Lawyer. Is that a thriller? Who is the author?

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