Saturday, August 2, 2014

Two-Line Promotional Hooks

My editor at Soul Mate Publishing asked me to write a two-line hook for THURSDAYS AT COCONUTS. She'll use this for promoting my novel online. I'm not sure why but this is really HARD--almost as difficult as writing the back cover blurb but not nearly as bad as the dreaded synopsis.

Still, I could use your input. I thought we could have a little fun. How about helping me with this? Let me know which hook "grabs" you. Which one would entice you to know more about (or hopefully purchase) my novel? I've written five hooks below. They are in no particular order. Please vote for your favorite in the comments.

Best friends, hippies, neurotic brides, and sexy cops.
What could go wrong?

Best friends. Sexy cops. Hippies. Neurotic brides.
It’s complicated.
A wedding planner, bad-boy cop, neurotic brides, and hippies.
Not your everyday romance.

A wedding planner who can’t find wedded bliss. A banker involved with a bad-boy cop.
A counselor who enables her hippie parents. It’s complicated.

Best friends and wine solve everything—bad-boy cops, bitter betrayals, hippie parents, and neurotic brides. Bring it on.

I'll be eager to see which one comes out on top. Thanks for your input!


  1. I love number four, but five is fine too.

  2. Wow. So interesting. Thanks, everyone for your input.

  3. #1 or #2. The shorter the better because searchers only give you a few seconds to make your point. I guess the choice between the two would be: In the story do more things go terribly wrong or is it just complicated? LOVE the cover. Very inviting.

    1. Good point about making my point quickly. Thanks about the cover, Meg. I love it, too. The artist did a great job.

  4. Five, then one, for me, too.


    1. Good to know. Love getting this feedback. Thanks, Janet!

  5. I know I'm late to this...but love #5 the best..

  6. I'm tied between #4 and #5. Both great!