Friday, February 13, 2015

A Hopeless Romantic

On this Valentine's Day Eve, I'm feeling a bit romantic and somewhat sappy and sad because I won't be with my sweetie on the most romantic day of the year. He's going on a long boating trip so I'm on my own. I'll be fine. I have plenty to do and even plan to go out, though, I don't want to appear desperate and sit at a bar wearing a red dress. Okay, maybe I'll wear black. :)

My love for Valentine's Day and all things romance goes way back to elementary school when we would take shoe boxes and decorate them with red and pink tissue paper, little hearts, and "x's" and "o's." Then, my mom or dad would cut a slit through the top (so my schoolmates could drop Valentines inside) at our school party. It was an exciting time--picking out the Valentines I wanted to give to my friends, signing them using my best penmanship, deciding whether I should write "Love, Beth" on a few special cards(!) and then waiting with great anticipation to see which Valentines I'd receive in return.

As an adult, I took a small group communication class in college. Once, we all took a handwritten test called the "Abigail River Story." The professor asked us to read the story and rank the characters from our least to most favorite. I was the ONLY student in class who preferred one character, Abigail. At the end of class, the professor told us what each character symbolized--money, sex, family, and power. Guess what Abigail represented? Hopeless romantic. Yep, that's me. This might explain why I love writing happily ever afters!

What are your fondest Valentine's Day memories? Are you also a romantic? Happy Valentine's Day!

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