Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How Would You Answer This?

Last summer, a published author from Ireland was visiting my Uncle Wayne (another author and former English professor). When the visiting author, Claire, found out I was writing my debut novel, she posed the following question: Would you rather write something beautiful or a bestseller? I didn't realize the two were mutually exclusive and pondered that question for a few seconds. My answer? "I'd like to write a beautiful bestseller." Glib, maybe. How would you have responded? Labels: writing


  1. Interesting question, Beth. I like your answer and like to think I'd have answered the same.

  2. You should have asked her what the difference was between the two. I liked your answer. I know everything I write is beautiful, whether anyone else does or not!!

  3. The polls were "unavailable" - maybe I'm too late?

    Writing a beautiful bestseller sounds good, though far from my personal reach. If I had to choose only one, I'd prefer it be beautiful. That's the "artist" in me coming out.


  4. To be perfectly honest, I'd rather write a bestseller. Let's get real. Who wouldn't? And...some novels that I absolutely LOVE would not be considered beautiful in my eyes. Think Coben or James Patterson. They're exciting and full of suspense--real page turners--but I wouldn't consider them beautiful. Poetry is beautiful. Describing a love story, an unselfish act or a mountain scene is beautiful. But reading how the bad guy (or girl) is gonna get you. Not exactly beautiful. However, very, very fun to write and read.

    P.S. The poll acts weird sometimes. Has a mind of its own. If my husband or I vote, I think it messes it up.