Sunday, January 10, 2010


I received my book, IT ALL CHANGED IN AN INSTANT, in the mail yesterday and I'm over the moon! Beyond excited. Add every cliche you can think of. Why, you ask? Because Smith included not one but TWO of my memoirs and I discovered Smith received 250,000 submissions worldwide. There's of my memoirs is featured on the first page. PAGE ONE. I thought I was going to hyperventilate. :) Plus the fact that many amazing authors and celebrities are featured including the late Frank McCourt, Amy Tan, James Frey, Suze Orman, Neil Patrick Harris, two Pulitzer prize winners (Juno Diaz and Tony Kushner), Marlee Matlin, Diane von Furstenberg and even Kenny G, to name a few. What a great compilation of cool, diverse people. Order IT ALL CHANGED IN AN INSTANT right now! You'll be glad you did. It's like being at a cocktail party and hearing scintillating gossip. The book is only $8.10 at If you want to try your hand at six-word memoirs, go to Warning: You'll likely get hooked.


  1. Congratulations! Page ONE! No wonder they want you for the book tour. Go for it. Keep up the good work, you are an inspiration!


  2. Thanks, Stephanie. I about fainted. I wasn't in the room when my hubby opened the book but he tells me he shouted "holy sh**!" Wish I could have heard that. Chuckle.

    I've already missed three tour dates. I'm hoping they'll add more (like in the Midwest) this spring or summer.

  3. Congratulations, Beth! What a great way to start January! Keep the great news coming; I never tire of reading GOOD news!

    All the Best -
    DK Raymer
    (from the ORWL)

  4. How exciting--FRONT PAGE, WOW!! Congratulations. It couldn't have happened to a sweeter, more-deserving person. We're all "busting buttons" over your accomplishment.

  5. Your husband said WHAT????????????

    Haha! I don't blame him. He must be so proud to have a famous author for a wife. I hope he's taking you out to dinner.

    NOW, when are you going to do a B&N or Borders Booksigning?

  6. Thanks for your kind words, DK. Glad you found my blog. Nice "meeting" other ORWL folks.

    Ahhhh, Ginny. You always make me smile and feel warm inside. Thank you.

    Shirley, you know what he said!!! I did have a glass of wine to celebrate last night but will wait until I feel better to really celebrate. About the book signing...wouldn't that be a hoot?! :)

  7. That's exciting news. Congratulations, Bett.

  8. How cool! I did write a couple...don't know where to go to see them though.

  9. Thanks, JarieLyn. You've written some great ones yourself.

    Ruth, I saw one of yours published on their site! Go to the home page and click on 6-word memoirs. There will be tons of them. You just have to click on all the pages to find your memoir. I think I saw yours on page 4 or 5 but they move around constantly.

  10. Double Congrats! Two in the same book?!!
    I did find it on Amazon. Hope you will get to go on the tour. That will give you booksigning experience for your noval! Fun!

  11. Yeah, Beth! That's very cool. Congratulations.

  12. Thanks, Jan. When I received a letter from Smith they mentioned one of my memoirs was published so I was extremely pleased to find two. That made my year. :) Now, if I can get my novel published...

    Glad you found it on Amazon. It's a fun read. Would make a great, unique gift, too.