Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Resolutions (you knew this was coming)

Well, do you make them? Don't we all? Are your New Year's resolutions the same year after year? Aren't they all? Do you keep your resolutions? Does anyone? My resolutions usually center around exercising more often or finding more time to do such and such. This year, I truly want to be even more focused and disciplined about my writing. (Of course, exercise is still important.) My first resolution is to finish editing my women's fiction novel and get it in the hands of agents. My second resolution is to finish writing the novel I started three years ago but thought was lost forever due to hardware problems. Thankfully, it has been salvaged and I'm over one-third finished. I plan to add to that novel during January (for JANO) and will get back to editing both novels in February. Another resolution is to get my two children's picture books into the hands of an agent and to write more of these fun, delightful stories. I thoroughly enjoyed the process. I'm also learning more about poetry. Finally, I love writing and reading short stories and hope to write and submit more of them this year. And, naturally, I'll continue writing my beloved six-word memoirs! How about you? What are your resolutions for 2010?


  1. New Year resolutions come from the tradition of 'beginning anew' or 'starting with a clean slate'. I've been through the resolutions you mentioned. This year I'm going with GOALS!

    I will be at a healthier weight
    I will sell more non-fic
    I will finish at least 3 WIPs
    I will circulate the completed novel
    I will focus on scoring higher in competitions.

    Notice the difference between saying "I want to ..... " and "I WILL"

    Happy Writing!

  2. I try not to do resolutions. I never keep them. But I do make goals! Probably the same thing, but it sounds better to me.

    Finish a novel. Write more short stories. Write another novel. Write more short stories. And the list goes on.

    Oh yeah. And exercise!!!

  3. I will write with purpose every day.

    I tried to do Nano and ended up with 100 pages of mostly unusable stuff. It was not for me, unfortunately. I need a clearer plan when I start a story.

  4. Kelly, love your attitude, girl. Lofty goals and a can-do attitude. :) That's great.

    Same for you, Shirley. You always meet your goals. You're an inspiration.

    Emily, too bad about NaNo but I know you're a proficient, successful writer and you're also an inspiration. Love your interactive blog idea and read the first chapter! I'm just now starting JANO (late) so I proably won't participate since I need to be working on my own novel like mad, but I'll read it later.