Monday, February 22, 2010

Exciting Book Reviews

According to Smith's site, here are a few very cool reviews for the newly released IT ALL CHANGED IN AN INSTANT, six-word memoirs by authors famous and obscure. Vanity Fair: “Will thrill minimalists and inspire maximalists.” The New Yorker: “You could spend a lifetime brainstorming.” Entertainment Weekly: “The book includes pensive memoirs by the likes of Molly Ringwald (’Acting is not all I am’) and clever pieces by the likes of James Frey (’So would you believe me anyway?’).” USA Today’s Pop Candy: “SMITH Magazine has a great thing going with its six-word memoir series,” writes columnist Whitney Matheson. “I can identify with Gloria Steinem’s contribution, ‘Life is one big editorial meeting.’” The Kansas City Star: Hundreds of readers contribute Six-Word Memoirs in a piece that challenges readers to write their own six words in the comments area (”Blue dot in sea of red,” “Born naked, raised Catholic, love fashion,” and “Don’t forget to lick the bowl.”) Larry Smith and Rachel Fershleiser take a look back through the amazing Six-Word journey, from Hemingway to SMITH to speed dating to six-word prayers. It’s all true. Los Angeles Times: “Smith Magazine’s six-word memoirs have been lodged in the literary firmament since the 2008 release of “Not Quite What I Was Planning,” a pocket-sized collection that became a bestseller.” National Public Radio featured Smith editors, Larry and Rachel, on the air and raves about the six-word memoir project. Buy the book now at or wait for my book signing this spring (date TBD).


  1. I especially liked Vanity Fair's comment. Sounds like 6 worders are sweeping the nation.

    I know of two addicts within the ORA/Sleuth's circuit. LOL

  2. They have gotten great reviews. So exciting.

    Yes, I've converted one or two of you and now we're all addicted. :) If we must have a vice, this is a good one to have.

  3. These are certainly addictive, Beth. I've sent in a a few myself. Sometimes at work, I jot things down that come to mind! See what you've started!!!!

  4. I know. We'll have to start our own sixes support group. Such fun. Once you start, it's really hard to stop thinking in six-word sentences. It's Smith's fault!

  5. Sounds like a great and clever read. I think it will be helpful with sparking creative writing ideas. I'm asking others to submit their opening lines to my blog to help spark my imagination. I'd love to read yours.

  6. Hi, M.J. Welcome back. Long time no see. Thanks for stopping by!

    IT ALL CHANGED is very clever and would spark several story ideas, I imagine. In fact, the Smith editors featured a few back stories to authors' six-word memoirs toward the back of the book.

    Love the opening lines idea. I've been kicking around posting something like that as well. I'll check out your blog.