Monday, February 8, 2010

Six Words On Love

Since Valentine's Day is coming up, let's come up with some six-word memoirs about love and romance (heartbreak is fine, too). Here are my 14 memoirs for Feb. 14: Love feels like a cozy blanket. I'm married to my Prince Charming. Finding a perfect partner is possible. He still makes my palms sweat. Candlelight, roses, chocolates, dancing--perfect date. My heart flutters when he's around. A good kisser--hard to beat. I love those first date butterflies. Every day's a rainbow when loved. Valentine's Day sucks when you're single. I found my pot of gold. Lazy days are best with lover. Have the best hubby in world. Please add a few of your own. I'd love to read them. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.


  1. Fifty years, Love, but who's counting?
    Still love Valentine's Day with you.
    Cards are sweet, chocolate is better.
    My Sweetie can top your Sweetie.
    A frog, a rose--son's Valentines.
    Love veils a multitude of imperfections.
    Hearts? Flowers? Cards? Give me chocolate.
    Did I say "I LOVE chocolate?"

  2. Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays--never enough reasons for spreading love abroad.

    I got tickled at my kiddoes the first Valentine's Day that they spent with their new spouse. They thought it was almost like Christmas and they were sooooooo disappointed that their spouses didn't fix a "fancy" dinner, buy gifts/cards, and make a celebration of the day. It was what they had grown up with and they thought everyone did likewise. Guess I am a romantic at heart after all. Ha! Snicker!

  3. I almost didn't want to respond to this post, because I've never been a big fan of Valentines Day. I'll make this short and quick. It's in February, which in my case is an obstacle because I'm ready for SPRING!!

    So here's my six word:

    Valentine's Day. Five weeks until Spring.

  4. Ginny, yours are GREAT. You've got the hang of this, lady! Submit them today! They'll probably be posting some this week prior to Valentine's Day.

    Shirley, I love yours, too, even though it isn't romantic. It is so TRUE. Submit it as well. Do it! I'm going to submit mine under the "Love and Heartache" section. I have a feeling that will be their next book. You never know...we could all be in it! Worth a try!

  5. February:shortest month, longest Spring anticipation!

  6. Ginny, I've gotten you hooked, haven't I? Told you they were addictive. :)

  7. Worst addict--need six word "fix." LOL

  8. Mellowing, growing older, still in love.
    Rollorcoaster ride: fifty years of marriage.
    Love him? Five kids prove it!

    Help! I'm stuck in six-worder thoughts.

    BTW, Beth--you need to post on David Harrison's W-O-M Poetry page--the word is ROAD.

  9. Ginny, you're officially a six-word addict like me. I see all the signs. :) We should start a support group. I hope you're submitting these to Smith under the "love and heartache" link. I have a feeling that will be their next book in a year or two (the sequel).

    I've scribbled out a "road" poem but haven't had time to work on it. (It's a humorous one.)I may have to wait another week. I need to pack and run errands today.

  10. Beth,
    I did submit to Smith--under love and heartache. You're right about the support group--I'm terribly addicted. Catch myself framing 6-worders for EVERYTHING I do.

    Excited to read your "road" poem.

  11. Hi Beth, Palooske65/Ginny, and Shirley.

    I like the above six worders.
    A good kisser is never forgotten.
    Spring around the corner is neat.
    My favorite of all of them.
    "My Sweetie can top your Sweetie"
    Thanks for making my day better.

    Valentine's Day alone,widow nine years.
    Cold Valentine's Day,with no chocolate.
    Valentine's Day alone, Computer, Phone, Television.
    Love of life, with new wife.
    Love of life, can be re-directed.
    Valentine's Day,miss my good kisser.
    Joy of life renewable each day.

    Hope you have a great day!

  12. Aha, Janet,

    Better be careful--with such good 6-worders--you'll soon be an addict like Beth and myself. I especially loved Joy of life renewable each day--what a lovely thought.

  13. Good ones, Jan.

    You should submit yours as well. I loved "A good kisser is never forgotten." Isn't that the truth?! :) Sigh.