Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Managing Time

As I look at my very cluttered desk, I am mad at myself. I have post-it notes everywhere, several files, handwritten notes for my novel, six-word memoir letters, conference info, reservations to Hot Springs, drafts of poems, and hard copies of apparently great emails that are waiting to be filed. Add to the crowded space a lamp, reference books, coffee mug, pictures, a phone, tissue, candles, and lotion. (And I just noticed I have a dart board on my desk. Huh?) I blame my messy desk on social networking. As we all know (since it's drilled into our heads by people in the know), writers must have a platform. That means, we need our own blog and/or a web site, must have a presence on Facebook and/or Twitter, must have email, must follow agents' blogs to glean important submission information, and even more if we don't need sleep. I don't know about you but I'm having great difficulty managing my time these days. Every morning I look forward to checking my email and the latest FB posts. If I have time, I check Twitter. My writing takes a back seat--as does exercise--which might explain why my real seat is getting bigger. How do you manage your time? Does social networking get in the way? Are you more disciplined than me? Do you actually work and/or write first before checking those alluring social networks? Please share your tips. I could use some advice and I imagine I'm not alone. P.S. What's on your desk?


  1. My desk is like yours, Beth. Lots of notes, a cup of pencils, printer, paper, peanuts, books, etc. Is there really another way to do it? I do straighten it once in awhile. I toss the junk stuff, then store the "notes" in a box, cause you sure can't toss those!!

    As for social networking, I've learned that I do get more done when I'm away from that. With computer problems on my desktop, I'm using my laptop to write. And I use my husband's PC to send emails. But I don't check other stuff as often. Finally looked at Facebook today for the first time in a week.

    I still want my desktop back, though.

  2. Actually, my desk is pretty much clutter-free. I do have my laptop, printer (which is on the fritz), monitor and a tv on it--all in their appropriate places.

    I wish my writing was as organized and neat as my desk. Quite frankly, I need someone to slap my hands--they travel the keys that send me to socializing and blogging more than to constructive writing. LOL

    Another distraction now that the weather is breaking is the allure of flea markets/autions. They don't just whisper my name--they shout at me and demand my obescience. Aaarrgghh!! How's a wanna-be become the "real thing" with such lack of discipline???

    Did get my story done for the March Sleuth's, though. Even got it emailed to Stephanie. :-) This is me patting myself on the back!!!

  3. Whoops! flea markets/auctions.

    BTW--I didn't see a single one of the Oscar movies mentioned. Am I out of touch or what?

    Al and I went on Time Warp Tuesday to the Palace (only $1.00 per person) and saw Old Dogs with John Travolta and Robin Williams. It was hilarious--I laughed until I cried.

    Thinking back, I don't think it had a single objectionable thing in it. Don't think they even used a cuss word anywhere. I loved it!

  4. Shirley, I think you're a very disciplined writer. Ginny and I may be in the same boat. :( But you're having fun, Ginny, and that's what life's all about.

    I do manage to meet several deadlines for short projects but really drag out writing/editing novels for months and even years. Aargh. It's my fault entirely.

    I've only seen two of the Oscar-nominated movies so I'm way behind, too. Old Dogs sounds cute and you can't beat that price.