Monday, March 1, 2010

Winning Poem: A Country Drive

Wow! I recently learned I placed first with my poem, A Country Drive, shown below. Thank you to everyone who voted. I'm very flattered and honored. As I've mentioned before, local children's author and poet David Harrison has a monthly poetry challenge. He chooses the word and poets take it from there. The word for February was "road." Below is my poem (tweaked slightly because I couldn't resist). Enjoy the drive! A Country Drive By Beth Carter I jumped into my old Chevy truck Grinnin’ 'cause long drives bring me luck. Drove around a very sharp bend, noticed a pothole I must mend. Spotted a large frog in the road Swerving, barely missed the toad. A soft breeze blew through my hair as I whistled without a care. Popped open a cold diet Coke I was happy—a lucky bloke. Driving along with my left knee Windows down, nearly stung by a bee. Sipping my soda, scanned the dial My favorite singer made me smile. Turned up the sound, hummed along Then loudly broke into a song. Spotted a mooing Jersey cow Standing beside a lazy sow. The cow stood in a shallow pond. Man, I could drive like this ‘til dawn. A fast-movin’ Jeep passed me Sadly, missing the scenery. Driver’s on the phone, in a hurry. Where’s the fire? Why the flurry? A small speckled deer in sight As two birds quickly took flight. Looking up, I stroked my chin Dark, ominous clouds rollin' in. Decided I must change my plans. Turned around, headed to Jan’s. Gonna pick up my best girl Go dancin,’ give her a twirl. A country drive is hard to beat By the way, friends call me Pete.


  1. Loved your poem--glad you submitted in time.

    My "other" on the new poll is The Fugitive starring Richard Jansson. Not certain that I've spelled his last name right but I loved that show. Was so glad when Harrison Ford did the movie and kept it close to the "feel" of the old series.

    Just a friendly reminder to all who follow Beth's blog--the new Word-of-the-month Poetry contest is LIFE. Good luck to all who enter.

  2. Thanks, Ginny. I loved your limerick, too. So cute and fun. Congrats to you for second place! We cornered the poetry contest in February. :)

    I loved The Fugitive, too. Great show.

  3. Ha! The computer just ate my post!
    Trying again!

    Beth Congrats on winning David's contest, beautiful work.

    I'm going to try to get something up for this month, I missed last month )-: I've been very busy working on my novel Shining Sea.
    (A novel is A LOT of words for a songwriter! Lol!)

    Congratulations again!
    "See" you at David's!

    Very best,

  4. Mimi, I'm honored you commented here. And thanks so much for you kind words. You know I was thinking you could make a song out of my poem, A Country Drive. You have a gorgeous voice.

    I didn't know you were working on a novel. What is Shining Sea about? I should be editing the novel I finished last summer. I've gone through two overhauls and am tired of it. I think I just need to send it out.

    Again, thanks. Yes, "see" you in David's neighborhood. We should all meet someday. Would LOVE that. Let me know if you're ever in Missouri. We have a house at the lake and can take you for a boat ride. I know you love water. :)

    P.S. My blog never "takes" comments the first time. You always have to hit preview or publish twice. Sorry about that.