Saturday, April 17, 2010

Book Signings Are Fun

While I may not have had a maze of long lines (or people camping out the night before) like fans did for Sarah Palin and Dog the Bounty Hunter—both of whom were at our local Borders recently—I did have a strong, loyal showing for my first-ever book signing. Forty friends, colleagues and family members stopped by Borders on April 10 to receive an autographed copy of IT ALL CHANGED IN AN INSTANT, More Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous & Obscure. My sweet husband bought a special engraved pen for the occasion, which unfortunately (or fortunately) ran out of ink in one hour. Thirty books sold in two hours. I was touched and humbled by the support from so many. Kathy and Sharon, two Ozarks Romance Author friends, adorned my table with balloons and cookies. Shirley, president of Sleuths' Ink, took tons of pictures. Another writer friend, Jill, served as an I-reporter and put updates on Facebook. My parents gave me a beautiful bouquet of colorful daisies. Many attended--family members, writer friends, co-workers, as well as classmates from high school and even one from second grade! I felt so loved and humbled. I created a “Movies & Memoirs” gift basket and had a drawing for the basket (my marketing ploy to get a mailing list for future books!) The basket contained movie tickets, four popcorn containers, large candy bars, microwaveable popcorn, bookmarks, six-word memoir postcards, and naturally, the book. Opfer Communications graciously loaned a flat screen television for the event and even hauled it in and out of Borders. One of their directors downloaded the Smith feed/loop thingy (see why I needed technical assistance?) onto a disk. Several chairs were set up in front of the TV so onlookers could see excerpts from the book. Denise and Gary from Borders were extremely helpful and agreeable (even during the days prior to the signing when I was a bit anal). I know. Hard to believe. I gave away chocolate candy bars, six-word memoir buttons, post cards, and magnetic bookmarks featuring my memoir that appears on page one: “Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nothing published. Yet.” It’s interesting how everyone’s perception changes once you’re published. Seriously, it all changed in an instant.


  1. We definitely need to do that book signing thing MORE often. That was fun for everyone.

    I read the book that same evening, then loaned it to my daughter. Definitely a great read and perfect for gift-giving!

  2. Congratulations, Beth!!

    I saw the photos (Jillian posted on Facebook) and it looked like an incredible success!!! I can't wait to read the book, and I wish I could have been there!!!!


  3. Thanks, Shirley and Diane. It was FUN. I didn't know what to expect and was blown away by the support from writers, old-time friends and my family. The Borders management was great, too.

    Shirley, thanks. I agree. It is a fun book and perfect for b'days or other holidays. Also nice that's it's a unisex book and has something for everyone.

    Diane, I didn't see Jill's photos and will have to search for them. I wish you could have been here, too.

  4. Also, in my post, I forgot to say a special thank you to Ginny. She promised to be first in line and she was (except for one very weird guy who doesn't count).

  5. Beth,
    Your Borders Book Signing was fun.

  6. Beth,

    What a wonderful (by example) teaching tool you made of your book-signing. It was such great fun!! Loved the color and "bounce" that you added. No way you could miss the fact that "something" special was going on.

    It was lovely to meet your husband, too. I see why your 6 worders reflect such contentment with him. (Nice eye-candy, too. Don't tell him I said so, though--men have a way of getting the big-head too easily. Ha! Snicker!)

    I can't wait to attend another book-signing by a member of our various author groups. I certainly hope they take note of the preparation that went into yours--good example to follow.

    I enjoyed visiting with the other young lady there with her book. I thought her book cover was especially eye-catching. Too bad the NewsLeader didn't run their article about her BEFORE the signing, though--she would've had a much larger presence.

  7. Awww, Ginny, you're too kind. Thank you very much. I tried to coordinate all the colors on my table with the book cover. I even bought a dress that matched and decided it made my butt look too big so I didn't wear it!

    Everyone's attendance made my first-ever signing a special event. I hope it was helpful to others who will have a signing in the future. I decided to approach my signing like I do trade shows (I've had a booth at many of those)--make the area appealing, have freebies, have a drawing to obtain names for marketing purposes, and above all, be friendly to those who take the time to attend.

    The other author said that was her fifth signing and she was glad to pick up some tips. I, too, really liked her cover. We bought each other's books!

    Thanks to everyone. Again. From the bottom of my heart. xo

    P.S. I must tell my hubby what you said. That will make his week. Eye candy, for sure. :)