Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Writers Wear Many Hats

Writers wear many hats. Literally. I belong to three writers' groups and every time I attend a meeting, I can count on the fact that several writers will be wearing a hat--all kinds of hats--berets, softball caps, knitted caps, cowboy hats, floppy sun hats, you name it. What is it about writers and hats? Don't get me wrong. I love hats. Always have, so I wear them, too. I'm just curious to know why so many writers adorn them. Is it because we're so creative we have to keep all our great ideas tucked firmly into our brain? Maybe it's because we like to show the world we're unique. Possibly it's due to the fact that we're just so darn artsy and adorable. Could it be that we're sending a message that we're non-establishment, so to speak? (Although, I'm a corporate person, too. Yawn.) Of course, writers also wear many hats in the other sense of the word--we write anytime we can--before, during and after work. We squeeze in writing between taking care of families, household chores, and tending the lawn. After wasting too much time on our social networking addictions, we still find time to write. As we're (hopefully) exercising, we're still thinking about that next story. Have you noticed that writers wear hats? What's your favorite type of hat?


  1. I like big-brimmed, floppy, Gone-With-The-Wind type hats-------And cowboy hats, newsboy-type hats, berets, Al Capone-style--------Chee, I can't think of a hat that I DON'T like.

    Wish hats were still an important accessory to a stylish wardrobe.

  2. I don't wear many hates, but when I do, it's usually a baseball cap. My favorite is my Barney Fife cap.

  3. I love the saloon-women-type fancy hats, gloves, and corsetted dresses they wore on Gunsmoke. I would have loved wearing those clothes.

    I like to wear floppy brimmed sun hats, sun visors, ballcaps, winter knit hats, and at times, a cowboy hat.

    I wish more people wore them. They're fun.

  4. I have to wear a hat in the sun, so it is a ball cap or sun hat. My favourite hat during the winter is my classic black beret. Maybe writers wear hats all the time because they can't afford to heat their homes!

  5. Usually it is a baseball cap from my small collection, with a ponytail pulled through, because I am on the go.

    It isn't a love of baseball caps (or a love of hats in general). It is more like a time-saver, if I had intended to get up early, shower, wash hair, and fix hair, but I was up late editing or doing research and would rather have the extra minutes of sleep. So I choose an abbreviated shower and skip doing the hair (since it's so thick that it takes a long time).

    Or the cap covers up the grays. That little box has been sitting in the cabinet for 2 months now and I haven't made the time.

    Or I'm just too busy to deal with the hair. Sometimes the cap is a cuter alternative than a regular ponytail.