Thursday, July 22, 2010

Got An Itch?

You've heard me mention the poetry contest by children's author and poet David L. Harrison at Each month he chooses one word and poets must incorporate that word into a poem or haiku.

For July, he chose the word "itch." Below is my non-rhyming, free verse poem. Enjoy.

By Beth Carter

I’m sitting very still,
trying to ignore it.

Telling myself to
pretend it’s not there.

After all…
I can’t see it.
I can’t smell it.
I can’t taste it.
I can’t hear it.

But without a doubt
I can feel it.

That undeniable,

I encourage you to read David's blog for some hilarious itchy poems--and enter one of your own.


  1. Hey Beth. I like your new blog look! I have to admit that I've never understood poems that don't rhyme. Maybe that's why I don't do poetry!!

    But you did give me an image of you sitting on a couch, trying REALLY hard to ignore the itch on your back!!

  2. BTW, I do miss the polls, though.

  3. Shirley, thanks about the new blog design. I miss my polls, too. Terribly. For some reason, this new design won't allow them. I'll keep trying.

    BTW, my husband doesn't understand non-rhyming poetry either. I prefer poems that rhyme (mine usually do) but not this one. Glad you could visualize it. :)

  4. Yippee! Guess the little leprechauns fixed the poll problem. It's up and running.