Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wacky Characters

What are the wackiest, most unique characters you've ever written about? An exotic dancer? A lion tamer? We all enjoy reading about unusual characters so I've come up with a list of several unique professions.

Wouldn't it be fun to create one of these as a main character? Here goes: Sex therapist, undertaker, prostitute, circus worker, Amish or Mennonite, nun, wiccan, palm reader, inmate, stripper, pimp, billionnaire, homeless person, inventor, gypsy, cowboy, escort, celebrity, inventor, and a bank robber.

Which of these would you dare tackle? Have you already written about characters in these professions? Can you think of other unique professions? Please share.


  1. Well, I've not used any of the ones you mentioned, but I have used a closet exorcist(cleans your closets). Of course, no one has bought it yet.

  2. I haven't used any of the characers you've mentioned, though I find each of them intriguing. How about a billionair who poses as a homeless person to annonimously provide for down in their luck people. He falls in love with a young mother who had fled her abusive marriage and is struggling to get on her feet? Cool concept!

    I wrote a short on a female anchor woman who exposed child abuse while covering a religious cult society.

    I also used a Private Investigator who falls in love with a Chicago-based homocide detective. She was hired by a Jewish man whose daughter has gone missing, and in fact, was murdered. A mystery with romantic undertones.

  3. I've written quite a few stories with cowboys, rodeo riders, and even a female bullfighter (rodeo, not matador). One of my heroines worked in a morgue. Would that count as an undertaker? One of my miner POV characters in a romantic suspense was a bank robber and one of my heroes was an inventor. I might try my hand at a prostitute or escort girl, maybe even a stripper.

    Unique professions fascinate me and I'm sure I've heard of a few that you didn't mention; I just can't think of them right now, though I probably will in a couple of days when no one cares anymore.

    I like Shirley's closet exorcist (I could use one for my closet) and would look forward to reading it. Kathy's idea was a good one too. By the way, Kathy, how is that story going?

    Read your poem. Nice job.

  4. Thanks, Shirley, Kathy and Maurine. Great ideas from ALL of you. I can tell you're all very good writers.

    I think choosing a unique profession like this would spur on a great story, don't you? Shirley, are you joking about yours?!

    I thought of a couple more...a spy and a slave )(that would have to be an historical which I don't write) or it could be a relative of a slave and how that changed his/her life.

  5. Not joking, Beth. It was a short story, but the main character had a side job as a closet exorcist!

  6. Shirley, does the character exorcise closets or he/she's in the closet about being an exorcist?! lol

  7. Here are some unique professions courtesy of my mother who couldn't get them to post: comedian, dentist (dentist, Mom?), movie director, stunt man (that's a good one), logger and politician.

    Thanks, Mom!