Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Go Ahead. Dream.

You did it. One of the biggest accomplishments (if not the biggest) of your life came true. Your novel is published! You got the call months/years earlier from an agent or editor, did the requisite editing--revising your novel a hundred times--then played the not-so-patient waiting game.

Now, you're holding your book in your own hands (or reading it as an ebook). I've been published in several mediums (print, television, an anthology, online poetry, and six-word memoir book) but I'm still waiting for the day when I publish my first novel.

How would you respond after all the blood, sweat and tears actually came to fruition? Use just four words, please. I'll go first:

I'm having heart palpitations.
I can't believe it.
Oh, my God. Breathe.
I really did it.
A dream come true.
The best day ever.
I knew I could.
How should I celebrate?
Wish I could change...

Okay, your turn. Tell us in just four words what you said (or will say) when your novel is published. Go ahead. Dream.


  1. Dreams do come true.
    I did it.
    Awesome. Totally awesome.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Ron and Christie. Those are all good! Keep them coming and let's all DREAM!!! It's gonna happen.

  3. Oh, my gosh -- unbelieveable!
    Time to do another!
    "It's the BIG one!" -- (From the Sanford & Son series--directed to Elizabeth, Sanford's deceased wife.)
    I Knew I could,
    I Knew I could,
    I Knew I could. :-)
    Yee Haw -- Mighty fine!

    These ARE fun, Beth--Whoop-te-do, think I'll ponder on some more!

  4. I'm on a roll!
    My career has started.
    My dream come true.
    I'm famous. I'm rich.
    A one-day chocolate binge.

  5. Thank You GOD, YEA!
    I must call KEN.
    I'm on my way.
    Finally,My own Book.
    Carry book all day?
    Can I sleep tonight?
    Get next one finished!
    Wow,what a motivation!
    Jumping up and down!
    Call everyone I know!

  6. Ha! These are good. I especially like Ginny's "Time to do another" and "I knew I could."

    Love Shirley's "I'm famous. I'm rich." And, of course, the "A one-day chocolate binge." That would definitely be on all our to-do lists after achieving this goal.

    Keep them coming.

  7. More good ones. Jan, I really like, "Call everyone I know" and "Jumping up and down!"