Friday, April 22, 2011

What Are You Working On?

I know several of my readers well since they're writer friends or family members, but some of you are new here. I thought it would be fun to fill each other in on our current projects. So, what are you working on both professionally and personally?

I'm working on a huge surprise birthday bash for hubby (I'd tell you the theme and more details, but with my luck, he'd read my blog for once. Doubtful--but you can never be too careful with a surprise party.)

Professionally, I've just started to query agents for my debut novel, THURSDAYS AT COCONUTS, a work of women's fiction set in the Midwest with four professional women who have chaotic lives, ridiculous family members and impossible situations. A normal day, right?!!

I'm almost half finished with the sequel to COCONUTS and two-thirds finished with a romantic suspense, yet to be titled, which is set on a college campus.

I've got a cookbook cooking and two ideas for non-fiction books simmering. There just aren't enough hours in the day, are there?

Finally, I've completed two children's picture books and may have an announcement soon! Fingers and toes crossed. I have more picture books drafted and waiting patiently in the wings.

How about you? What are you working on?


  1. Wow, you do have a lot going on. Good for you. I'm working on getting another book up on the e-pub sites. Also working on short stories, a contest story, and a romance novel. More in the works, but I've tabled them until I FINISH something.

  2. Hi Beth
    Your schedule is amazing. Yea!
    Congrats on behalf of your daughter Amy and her boyfriend. Proud Momma's should always tell what is going on.
    Shirley-Yea on new book!
    Been very involved in the Marshfield 6th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival. We have twelve wonderful authors scheduled. End of this month that will all be over. Then want to have entry for 14 May Sleuth's Ink Contest. Hoping to send story out to Magazine. 7 May want to have 10 pages to be critiqued at ORA. Maybe entry for OWL Contest.
    Friday the 13th of MAY 2011, I want to attend a MEDIEVAL MURDER MYSTERY Dinner Theatre at Chateau Charmant. Hope you might want to do this too. It should be lots of fun. Medievil Costume. Women in pants then? LOL
    Just down the road from you Beth.
    My Son Ken is Graduating from College in CA. 28 May. He is arranging for my flight out there.
    Writing? I will fit it into all the social stuff. I promise myself.

  3. Shirley, I'm so impressed with your e-books! That will be on my to-do list hopefully sooner rather than later. You're on the cutting edge, girl. Do you have a title for your romance novel?

    Jan, lol, glad you have such a good social schedule. So sorry I'll miss the Cherry Blossom Festival. It sounds grand for the authors this year. Wish I were in town.

    Good luck on all your contest entries and the Medieval Murder Mystery Dinner. Fun! Congrats to your son as well.

  4. Hey Beth,
    Hubby & I just returned from NY. We went to see his dad who is ill but doing much better. Professionally, I am doing final edits on my 4th novel.

  5. Beth: I am waiting for my first novel to be published. Probably sometime next February, my editor tells me.
    I've finished my second Regency Sweet Romance. My critique partners are reading it now for the last edit before I send it off. Hopefully the same publisher will pick it up.
    I have another novel in a completely different genre that I have done bits and pieces of. Sometimes I write scenes out of order then put them together later.
    Right now I am starting a quilt for my third great granddaughter which is due in August.

  6. You ladies are awesome! Husband and I have been too busy lately--keeping the flea mkt. booth up has proven to be more time intensive than I'd thought for. Going to auctions, cleaning/refurbishing, etc. what we buy and then "changing out" items has kept us hopping. It is good for hubby--gets him out of his recliner--but it wreaks havoc with my time management (or lack thereof)!!
    I have managed to keep up with my website, however. Usually end up doing it in the wee, early morning hours BUT it does get done. I'm proud of that. I've had 2,099 hits since I started it and --drumroll, please-- some hits have been from China, Russia, Denmark, Japan, Australia, and several from Canada. I find this VERY exciting. I've been amazed that my most faithful following has been in New York--I don't know a soul there.
    I have been working on a few contests but some major ones have expired before I submitted. This is me--hanging my head. :-(
    Keep up the good work--I know we're going to see a lot of rewards in our group this year.

  7. I'm working on Touch of a Scoundrel, 3rd in my Touch of Seduction series. The first book in the trio, TOUCH OF A THIEF, hits the bookstore shelves on Tuesday, April 26th, so I'm pretty excited about that.

    Hope everyone had a blessed Easter or Passover.

  8. Wow. Everyone take a bow. I'm serious.

    M.J. Hope your father-in-law is much better and congrats on your fourth book! All of your books have exciting premises. Well done.

    Kaye, so excited for your debut novel and congrats on working on two more! So happy for you.

    Ginny, the flea market sounds like fun and what a great character that would make! Consider your time spent as research! Congrats on those hits from far-away lands. I don't know how to check that on mine. I just have the #. Clue me in, please.

    Mia, you're a machine. Congrats on all your success and your release tomorrow! Love your blog, too.

  9. Hey, Beth!

    Everyone on this blog is amazing ...I'm in awe.

    As for me, I have Death on Deadline up on Kindle and Nook now and have been happy and surprised at the number of sales. (So people DO buy self-published books!)

    I've found that the way customers FIND the book is through my blogs, so I've been trying to post them in as many places as possible.

    I'm trying to teach myself to be a marketer - it's an uphill battle, but I'm doing my best.

    I did figure out how to create an Amazon author page and get everything posted there, which made me happy!

    I have a non-fiction book in the works - short, funny mom essays - and have just lined up a very talented artist friend to do a cover, so I'm very excited about that.

    I have a paranormal mystery languishing on my computer, poor thing. I need to get back to it!!

    Now after reading all these posts, I feel motivated!!!


  10. Diane, you are no slacker! Im impressed with all your projects. Good to hear about your self-publishing success. BTW, I want to order a hard copy (autographed, please) of DEATH ON DEADLINE so email your address so I can send a check.

    Your non-fiction mom book sounds great. That'll be popular! Cool about the artist. Are you going to self-publish this one as well or are you seeking an agent/publisher?

    I like the idea of a paranormal mystery, too. I've never tried that genre.

    Let's all get to work!!!