Sunday, May 22, 2011

Swimming With Sharks

Ah, you might say, "Sure, you're swimming with sharks. You're a writer. Writers deal with all kinds of sharks of the human kind--publishers, editors, agents, critique groups, reviewers, other writers, right?" Well, yes, Probably. Definitely.

But I really, truly swam with sharks!!! Three couples recently toured the Exumas in the Bahamas via a chartered cruise, the Alexandra Bear. We had an amazing vacation, enjoyed warm, sunny weather, terrific food, clear, turquoise water and SHARKS!

My two good friends, Bruny and Linda, and I were brave enough (or dumb enough) to swim with nurse sharks. The guys kidded us, said we were crazy and they should have taken out bigger insurance policies. But did they dip their toes in the shark-infested water? No. They did not. Instead, they stood on the dry dock and took pictures and videos.

Now, you know why I've been remiss and haven't posted in awhile. Instead, I've been swimming with sharks. How about you? What's the craziest thing you've ever done on vacation?


  1. L. to R. Linda is swimming toward me. I'm in the middle (with my legs pulled up). I didn't want them dangling and attracting attention. Bruny is attached to my side---and me to hers--as if we could help one another.

    I saw one picture of me with my hand out trying to pet them as if the sharks were a dog. Unbelievably dumb.

    BTW, sharks are rough and feel like sandpaper. I thought they'd be smooth. That's your shark trivia for the day.

  2. I think you win, Beth. I'd never be able to top that. I wouldn't even be around to take the pics. I'd have to go below deck and hide until you came back up.

    VERY DUMB!!!! Glad to see you back.

  3. How cool! I don't consider you dumb at all. Adventurous and Brave. Go you!

  4. Thank you, ladies. WAIT I just saw your VERY DUMB comment, Shiley. You little brat. lol

    I much prefer the adventurous and brave descriptions. It was a heck of a vacation. We all loved it.

  5. Wow, I've never done anything like this! Very cool! Most daring thing I've ever done is take a glass bottom boat to the bottom of a shallow part of the ocean (I think that was in the Bahamas, too). And then we saw a shark. And then we came back up.

    Yeah. Not so exciting.

  6. LOL, Jennifer. Still. You were daring. My mother never would have gotten that far! I'm not sure I'd have the nerve to do it again.

  7. Oh, yeah, I would. I get a little crazy on vacation. :) That's what they're for, right?!!