Friday, December 30, 2011

Making New Year's Resolutions

Well, do you make them? I do and they're usually the same each year. Sometimes I fulfill my resolutions and sometimes I don't. Maybe if we put our New Year's resolutions in writing for all to see, we'll be more likely to achieve them. What do you say? Want to give it a go?

Here are mine (who can have just one?!):

Write more routinely
Read more often
Try Yoga
Get back into my exercise routine of four times a week
Polish my women's fiction and send it to 25 agents this year
Write two more children's picture books
Either finish my romantic suspense novel OR finish the sequel to the women's fiction OR start an entirely new novel
Get my website up and running

Okay, lofty goals but the first four should be easy to incorporate. It's that darn bottom half of the list that haunts me. How about you? Tell me your goals for 2012. We can do this. Seriously.


  1. I'm hoping to be more motivated once I get my recently diagnosed underactive thyroid condition stablized, so I'll also be able to lose the 20 pounds of unexplained weight gain. Until that happens, I won't be able to lose it, will just keep gaining. Pray this occurs for me in 2012!!! I don't want to look like a blimp when I attend the Lori Foster event in June! :-(

  2. Good goals, Beth! I think you'll like Yoga - it's on my list to get back into it again.

    First thing I need to do is MAKE A LIST! I'm having a tough time even motivating myself to do that!

    For now, I'll add your website to my "Bring It On, 2012" post, and maybe I'll just use your list. :)

  3. I have many goals but the one I want to give the most priority to is my writing projects. I'm hoping to ignore distractions better and keep focused.

    I'm glad the 1st day of this New Year fell on a Sunday--it allows me the time to read ALL the blogs I follow AND to do mu weekly website update. Perhaps a solid start will help me keep the level of motivation I need---------at least for a month or two. :-)

  4. Whoops! Shoulda proofread better: MY weekly website not "mu." Tch, tch--oh, well, at least I'm "off and running"--blips and all. :-)

  5. Joni, I hope your health improves and stabilizes. I have low thyroid and have taken meds for it since the 70's. Just one pill a day takes care of it. I hope you find an easy fix and maybe I'll see you at Lori's conference.

  6. Jan, you are HIGHLY motivated. Are you kidding me?!! How many blogs do you have anyway--and you post almost daily. You're a great writer. Glad you like my goals.

    Ginny, I'm with you and need to stay focused and avoid all the distractions. You've done a fab job with your site the past year. I must get on that.

  7. Okay Beth. I;m gonna get you to that yoga class yet.

    25 agents is a lot, but you can do it.

  8. Ha! If it weren't in the early hours when it's still dark, I would have gone already!

    I'd be happy if I sent it to 15 agents but 25 seems doable. Surely, I can manage three agents a week. Once I finish editing...