Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Another New Year. Another Chance.

Inspired by my friend, Jan Marler Morrill, who has a new blog featuring haiku at, here's my haiku to celebrate the New Year:

By Beth Carter

Fresh start. New, clean slate.
Promise of new beginnings.
Must be the New Year.

Notice the repetition of the word "new." That was intentional. Don't you love fresh starts? A chance to improve yourself or change your unproductive ways? I do. Care to add your own haiku celebrating, embracing, or even dreading 2012?


  1. I like it, Beth, especially the way you used "new" several times - like a mantra. Here's the one I wrote for the New Year, because I'm trying to maintain my focus. :)

    A frog leaps forward
    His mind focused only on
    Landing where he’s aimed

  2. Nice and different. I like the laser-focus of the frog. If only I were more like that with my writing and other projects.

    My you and I both maintain our focus in 2012. With that, I must sign off!

  3. I would try, but you know I only do rhyming poems. I'll leave it to the pros.

  4. Ha! Thanks for stopping by anyway, good friend.

  5. I love fresh starts
    every morning is a new

  6. Good one, Russell. I like fresh starts, too. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Past is forgotten.
    Future begins on fresh slate--
    Embracing New Year.

    New Year's fashion garb:
    Fresh ambitions cover us,
    Old habits are shed.

    Now, back to JANO :-)

  8. Thanks for taking time away from JANO to post, Ginny. I especially like your first haiku.

  9. A great haiku Beth.
    I can never get my head around new year resolutions, maybe because I'm so bad at keeping them!

    old resolutions
    transferred into this new year -
    soon to fade away