Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tell Me A Story

My writer friend, Jan Marler Morrill, has her own version of show and tell every Tuesday. She provides an intriguing photo and written prompt. Writers are encouraged to submit a story based on these prompts. The link is http://jansthoughtsovercoffee.blogspot.com/2012/01/telling-tuesdays-13112-she-felt-sick.html?showComment=1328042935718#c833707139701219071

Check out her blog to see this week's prompt based on the restless sea which, by several accounts, is causing seasickness, morning sickness and wrecking havoc in general. Here's my story:

Sylvia grabbed the slippery gold railing in an attempt to steady herself. The boat bobbed like a cork in the ocean. She lost her footing on the wet planks and hot coffee sloshed through her white crocheted cover-up and onto her new peach bikini. Damn! That’s hot. She jumped back, steadied her cup and attempted to wipe her cover-up with her hand.

The creaking cabinet doors in the galley alerted her that someone was up. The big-bellied captain groused through the cupboard and sang an Irish jig, seemingly unconcerned about the weather. Tina, the toned, young first mate bent over (yet again) except not in front of Peter’s face this time. Tina grabbed the railing with one hand while the wind caught a basket of croissants. They skittered across the deck and over the side—now fish food.      

Seriously? We’re going to eat at a time like this? The salt water stung Sylvia’s eyes and her now-wet bangs stuck to her forehead. Why Peter thought it was a good idea to charter a small boat during hurricane season was beyond her. She had done the prerequisite spray tanning and had gotten a mani and pedi. But his sudden interest in chartering a boat came out of Neverland.

The restless, dark swells grew taller and angry white caps lapped the boat in every direction. Sylvia’s stomach did back flips. How could Peter sleep through this roller coaster? She decided to awaken him and took one last sip of the now-cold coffee. She covered her eyes with her hand and looked in every direction. The restless sea was far and wide. Before Sylvia turned to go downstairs, strong fingers grabbed her upper arms and shoved her overboard.
That's it. A huge thanks to Jan who has provided at least three prompts this month that I plan to use for my JANO novel. Now, it's your turn. Tell me a story and please copy it and add it to Jan's blog as well. Happy sailing!

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  1. Whoa! That's a story finish that makes you want M-O-R-E!! Great scene, Beth.

    You forgot one choice in your poll this time, though: I don't watch the game at all--for anything. :-) I know, I know--I'm a misfit. I did vote on what snacks I like, however, even if they're not Super Bowl refreshments.

    Hope you enjoy the game.