Friday, January 13, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday

Every Friday, author Madison Woods posts a photo prompt to encourage writers to create a 100-word flash fiction story. Read all the great flash fiction on her site at and join the Friday Fictioneers!

Here's my entry:

By Beth Carter

Lil' Acorn hates family reunions. He feels like a misfit. Relating to his half-cousins, Rocky, Rolling Stone, and Pebble, is next to impossible. All they want to do is sit around like, well, rocks. Meanwhile, Lil' Acorn is itching to do something. Anything.

"Watch this, Pebble!"

Lil' Acorn proudly displayed his shoot. "Look. I can make it change colors from yellow to red. Cool, right?"

Rocky and Pebble sat there stony faced as usual. Boring cousins. Lil' Acorn wished he could kick one of them.

He looked toward Rolling Stone. Again, no response. Lil' Acorn stared at the dirt wishing he knew the time. "Man, this is one boring family reunion."

Okay, that's my weird entry. Give it a try. Let's write!


  1. Excellent! Different from everyone else's, and very cute — in a good way. That's the trouble with family reunions, they're either boring, like that one, or they're not, which is often worse, and they end up on Judge Judy. Welcome!

  2. I like it. It's quirky. Things will get even more awkward when he realizes he was adopted. -Elise

  3. Very creative, Beth! You should write children's books. :) Poor L'il Acorn, feeling like an outcast. But then, it kind of reminds me of the Ugly Duckling. :) Good job!

  4. Thank you, Carlos! I appreciate your kind comments. And you're right--there's no in between when it comes to family reunions; they're either boring or crazy.

  5. Ha! Good thinking, Elise. Lil' Acorn was adopted. Awkward future reunion. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Jan, I think I'll get right on those children's books. Wait! I already have. I really enjoyed your sic fi entry, too. Thank you!

  7. Make that sci fi. Darn autocorrect

  8. Cool, Beth. I agree with Jan -- it has the feel of a children's story and definitely an entertaining one :)

  9. Thanks, colorlime! I do write children's books, as well as novels and this would be a different take, for sure. I appreciate your comment.