Monday, October 8, 2012


To celebrate the release of my new picture book, THE MISSING KEY, I’m having a CONTEST! I’ll give away three copies of my new book to three lucky winners! I’ll even personalize them for you or your child.

Here are the rules:

  • Guess where Mother and Amy find the elusive key.
  • To be eligible, post your answer in the comment section of my blog (if you don’t have Google, Blogger or Wordpress, you may post anonymously but be sure and leave your name after you guess!)
  • If you absolutely cannot figure out how to add a comment, send me a private message.
  • You may guess only once.
  • The deadline is Friday, October 19, 2012.
Note: Mother and Amy live in a normal household with everyday items. There’s nothing tricky but they do look high and low for that mysterious key throughout my book. And if you’ve already read my book, no spoilers please. If you do guess correctly, I’ll contact you privately so as not to ruin the surprise for those who plan to purchase my book. Thanks and good luck!

 THE MISSING KEY is now available on Amazon and Barnes &


  1. Great contest. I've read the book and I don't even remember where they found it. Can't wait to find out, though.

  2. Great guesses ladies. Thanks, Shirley, and I didn't even know you had the book!

    Keep the guesses coming and no spoilers, please, if you truly know the answer. I'll just post when we have a winner but won't spoil the book for others. You'll have to buy it to find out!

    If you've guessed correctly, I'll email or message you privately. Thanks and keep them coming!

  3. I know, but I won't tell. I wish Amy would come to our house. We've had a set of keys missing for over a year. I can tell you 100 places they are NOT!

    Great contest, Beth. I know the winners are going to be very happy. It's a great book!

  4. Thanks, Russell! You are a gem. I appreciate your kind comments about The Missing Key!

    And funny--you can tell me 100 places your keys are NOT. My husband would say pray to St. Anthony. I'm not Catholic but tried it once and it worked. Good luck.