Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I'm A Calendar Girl

Okay, saying I'm a calendar girl might be a stretch but I am in the 2013 SIX-WORD MEMOIR desk calendar by SMITH Magazine! Pretty cool, right?

When I received an email from the editor, Larry Smith, last year I was thrilled! I've never been in a calendar and I usually buy three desk calendars every year. Why? Because I love them. They're funny. They're inspirational. They're motivational. They're sillly, helpful, themed or brainy--whichever you prefer.

And now calendars are on sale. Since we're in the second week of January, you can get a calendar for a good deal. Here's a link.

By the way, I was asked to give the editor a few special dates for my memoir to appear so I gave him my birthday, hubby's birthday, my daughter's birthday and our anniversary. You'll just have to get the calendar to see when my six-word memoir appears. Happy 2013, everyone!