Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Cowboys Are Coming to Coconuts!

In my newest novel, COWBOYS AT COCONUTS, which releases in December, I got to write about cowboys! Yee-haw!

Creating cowboy characters was a first for me and I had great fun developing my western characters. I got to use terms like, “Howdy, ma’am” and “over yonder.” Don’t get me wrong. My cowboys aren’t cliche, but country boys and farm hands really do use those terms. And many drop their g’s. How would I know? I dated a cowboy from Oklahoma over twenty years ago, plus my dad grew up (and still lives on) a Missouri farm.

Most cowboys tip their hats, have dusty boots, tight jeans, oval belt buckles, and occasionally drive ancient pickups. They’re always tan, mannerly, and are hard-working guys. I had so much fun I’ve got to keep them  around in my next book, too!

If you've read my Coconuts series, you know I have cops, hippies, brides, bankers, a high school counselor, and a wedding planner. And now...cowboys complete with country music, ponds, country roads, cows, horses, hay bales, tire swings, diners, honky-tonks, and much more.

My main characters and their supporting cast will return, of course. BFFs Suzy, Alex, and Hope are, as usual, in the midst of constant chaos including a trip to Nashville, an undisclosed Eat, Drink, Chill trip for Alex, and all kinds of surprises for Suzy, the almost-forty pregnant wedding planner. After all, the New York socialite can’t have all of the fun.

Here's my blurb:

"Kiss me. I'll explain later."
Grinning, the cowboy tipped his hat. "Yes, ma'am."

Two worlds collide when a wealthy New York socialite plants a kiss on an unsuspecting cowboy. His ancient pickup is a far cry from her personal limo and Cheri Van Buren’s more accustomed to the Big Apple than Soggy Bottoms, his farm. Still, the caterer to the stars surprisingly adores the simple life—until keeping her notoriety, plus a scandalous secret, becomes a full-time job.

Blunt bank marketer Alex takes an undisclosed hiatus to go on a self-imposed Eat, Drink, Chill trip to decide once and for all if she’s going to end her disastrous relationship with a sexy cop. When someone begins to make the decision easy, a phone call changes everything.

Determined to put the pieces together after her adopted parents’ train-accident-turned-soap-opera nightmare, Hope heads to Nashville with her amnesia-laden hippie dad. Will he have a breakthrough or is it too late?

Pregnant with twins at nearly forty, Suzy juggles her wedding business while enduring morning sickness and embarrassing OB/GYN visits. The last thing she needs is unsettling news from her son, not to mention a shocker by her teen stepdaughter.

Maybe that old adage about opposites attracting is true. Maybe not. One thing’s for certain. A cocktail at Coconuts is always in order.

RELEASE DATE: December 4, 2019

NOTE: Even though this is the fourth book in my Coconuts series, all may be read as a standalone, but I wouldn’t recommend reading them out of order if you plan to read more than one!


Happily, there will be two more novels in this series in 2020!

I'd love to know how you feel about cowboys. Happy reading!

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