Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back-to-School Memoirs

Everyone knows I love six-word memoirs. Since it's back-to-school time, I thought it would be fun to share some of my school memories in that format. Before first day: Sleepless night, excitement. First grade: Same dress as friend. Cigar box: Pencils, eraser, crayons, protractor. Everyone was afraid of the principal. Climbed on bus. Sweaty palms. Excited. Played four-square at recess. Teeter-totter, too. Hair-in-bun, prim teacher took no bull. Loved English and spelling. Hated history. Fifth grade: Wore blue windowpane hose. Afraid to sing alone. Crouched, hid. Loved being a Kiltie. Drum captain. Please share some of your school memories--either as a kid or as a parent.


  1. School Daze. Sweet Agony. Learning. Aborbing.

  2. Speeders watch out. Cops around corner.

  3. Good, ladies. Keep them coming. How about some about your favorite subjects, teachers, the food or boyfriends from school?!!!

  4. Great six word memoirs on school days. I also enjoyed playing four-square. Do kids these days know what four-square is? The following memories aren't in six word format but here's a few more. I loved playing teather ball and hop scotch. English and reading were my favorite subjects and I hated math. In fourth grade I got into a fist fight with a boy I had a crush on. He yanked out my earring and tore my ear, blood was running down and I think I was screaming, not so much because I was in pain, but because my feelings were so hurt over that. I think it ruined me for a few years. Haha.

  5. Four square? What is this thing?

  6. Fun memories, JariLyn (except for the hateful boy). Boys and men. Sigh. I liked math but not history (not science either).

    Shirley, four-square is a game played with a big, bouncy ball. Two people play (maybe four can) and you serve the ball underhanded to each other and try to make it land in a square that your opponent can't get. I can't remember all the rules or how we kept score but it was my favorite game. I loved tether ball, too.

  7. I thought of a few more:

    School lunches were hot and nutritious.
    We didn't have pizza, soda, junk.
    Gym class was required. Not now.
    Had to wear uniforms in gym.
    Ran the 50-yard dash too often.
    Boy told me I had moustache.
    Always dated older boys in school.
    Was a good student--teacher's pet. :)

    P.S. Anyone have ANY idea why my followers have disappeared or how to get them back???

  8. My first attempt:

    "Teeter totter. Left midair. Up...DOWN!"

  9. Fun.

    Rings, swing across, play like Tarzan.

    Bars, hook knee over, Lock hands, turn over and over. Do nine words count?

  10. Good ones, Jess and Janet Kay! It's sometimes hard to tell a story in six words, isn't it? Fun, though. Keep them coming!