Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fair Memories

The fair is in town which brings back nostalgic memories for me. As kids, we always looked forward to the fair. It was a big summer event right before the start of school. My parents would take my sister and me (my brother wasn't yet born) and we'd excitedly head to the fair. My Dad always wanted to visit the livestock first. BOR. ING. As a child, I complained and complained. "Mom, I want to go on the rides." Dad would be off staring at the cattle and I stood there like a brat with my arms crossed. After about thirty minutes and a few more complaints from me, my mother would say, "Jay, the kids want to go on the rides." He'd relinquish the animals and we'd head to the rides. Dad was great about going on the rides with us. Mom stood by, smiled and waved. He and I rode the roller coaster together and sometimes ended up in the front seat--exciting and thrilling. We'd ride the ferris wheel, merry-go-round, tilt-a-whirl, and go to the Duck Pond where there were sure-fire prizes. Then, we'd get hungry and go to the pork chop place (can never remember the name) because it was air-conditioned, albeit very small and crowded. Dad also knew the owner and would chat with him. I was always in a hurry to get out of there and back to the fun. After dinner, we'd play some of the games and Dad and I would shoot the water guns trying to raise the ball in the tube. Once I threw a ring around a Coke bottle atop a big square block. Amazingly, the ring went around the square block and I won a huge stuffed animal. We'd play games until it turned dark and then eat something very unhealthy like cotton candy, snow cones that dripped down our shirt or funnel cakes. It was grand. Toward the end of the evening, we'd look at the prize-winning produce since Dad is a great gardener. We also meandered around the entries of showcased art, photography and baked goods since my mom is a wonderful cook. We always visited the conservation booth to see more animals--usually a fox, deer and snakes. I haven't been to the fair in years but have a longing to go this week. I think I'll ask my dad if he wants to go and let him look at the livestock first for as long as he wants. I won't complain at all. Hopefully, Mom will join us too. How about you? What are your memories of the fair?


  1. Hi Beth, that was a great post. I used to love the fair too, especially when I turned 16 and was able to drive all my friends. We loved the photo booth, the rides, the games, and some of the exhibits. At our fair, their was a booth that had home made potatoe chips and corn dogs. That's where we usually ate. And of course, we could never go to the fair without eating cotton candy. My favorite thing though, was watching the hypnotist show. That was hilarious.

  2. Potato (I spelled it wrong in my comment)

  3. California, in my Fair going days, THE ORANGE SHOW. Several big buildings housed different events. The animals were in one building, the cooking, canned goods,and quilts,most had their ribbons next to them,in another. One had commercial demonstrations,Washers and Dryers,
    Blenders, Juice Extractors, Garbage Disposers. They always had samples or little give aways that were neat. You say you know about all those things, in the 1950's they were the most modern, things to make a woman's life easier. The big event was to go into the Orange Building. Each year one of the big orange growers and packers set up their assembly line. We watched the ladies wash, cull, size and pack those beautiful oranges.
    But our favorite there was the pictures made from oranges wrapped in different colored papers and arranged into wonderful real art pictures. They were huge and the frame was orange or yellow, oranges or grapefruit without the papers. Usually about a dozen of them. Do any of you remember seeing oranges and grapefruit displayed in the papers in your stores? Our stores did that, we always opened the paper to pick the prettiest fruit.
    After all the buildings we went to the ride area, and got a treat choice, fluffy pink cotton candy was mine. Never liked the other colors and then later years it got heavier not as fluffy.

  4. Didn't know where to put this so here it is.
    CUDOS,THANK YOU, for sharing at the last ORA Meeting,how to set up a Blog. I did. THANKS so very much. It is something I wouldn't have been able to acomplish without you.

  5. Thank you ladies, for sharing your fair memories. We went to the fair last Wednesday night and hadn't gone in years.

    Here's what we did: We watched the kids riding sheep--something new. We saw a three year-old-girl master it. The kids had on helmets and chest pads and rode bareback. It was really cute.

    Then, we ate at Rudy's BBQ. I had a slawdog. It was great. Later, my husband and I rode the ferris wheel, walked around, saw the exhibits, and played a few of the games. We threw darts at balloons and I won a little pink pig. Very cute. Also, just for my dad, we stopped by and stared at the cattle for quite awhile! We also saw baby ducks being born as they cracked their eggs wide open. I had to walk quickly past because, as cute as they were, I knew if I saw a chicken do that, I'd never be able to eat an egg again.

    One vendor was selling something new that I wish I had bought--fried Twinkies and fried Oreos. Imagine the calories but I bet they were good.

    P.S. JarieLyn, loved that you had a hypnotist at your fair. And a photo booth. How fun.

    P.P.S. Janet Kay, now I'm craving an orange!

  6. Janet Kay, woo hoo on setting up your blog. You're very welcome and I'm so glad I was able to help you. I think several of the ladies have blogs now. Welcome to the world of blogging!