Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Candy

Normally, I don't make a lot of candy throughout the year because I'm not supposed to eat sugar and because I try to watch my weight. However, these rules fly out the window over Christmas. I love to make candy around the holidays. Below is my favorite (and easiest) recipe. Care to share one of your Christmas candy recipes?

Chocolate Peanut Clusters

1/2 pkg. Chocolate almond bark
12 oz. pkg. Chocolate chips
10-12 oz. Peanuts without skins (or cashews)

Melt almond bark in a microwave safe dish for 1-2 minutes. Add chocolate chips and melt another minute until smooth. Remove from microwave (bowl may be hot) and stir in nuts. Drop on waxed paper until set.

These are fantastic! Everyone loves them and they make great gifts if you put them in pretty holiday tins. Note: You could vary this recipe by using chocolate caramel chips and possibly pecans. I believe those just might taste like turtles. I'll have to try that. Yield: 35-40 clusters


  1. I love Chex Mix around the holidays. Recipe is on the box, but I add extra stuff like soy nuts, oyster crackers and probably a few other things I can't remember right now. Hmm. I wonder what I have in my cabinets right now. I may have to go look.

  2. Sounds good, Shirley. I'll have to try that variation. I know. The power of suggestion. Recipes make me hungry, too.