Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Here we go with another weekly challenge from one of the talented authors of Romance Writers Weekly (RWW). This week, Victoria Barbour http://victoriabarbour.com/blog asked us to create a cast of characters from our new release or WIP. I hope you made it over here from Jeanne McDonald's blog at https://authorjeannemcdonald.wordpress.com/

In my newest release, THURSDAYS AT COCONUTS, I have quite a cast of characters and know who would be IDEAL to play them in a movie. See if you agree or feel free to suggest your own cast. Here goes:

Suzy - A wedding planner who can't find her own wedded bliss. She's a motherly single mom who is still pining for her high school boyfriend and faces the ultimate betrayal on her wedding day. She single handedly deals with neurotic brides and a horrible, pretentious mother of the bride--all with a smile (mostly). To play Suzy, I'd suggest Amy Adams. She looks like the perfect wedding planner who could handle my crazy brides.

Alex (Alexandra) - A bank marketer who falls for a sexy bad-boy cop. Alex is a beautiful blonde professional who is a savvy businesswoman but falls for a married officer who may be stalking her. She also has a "touch" of OCD and is habitually late. Reese Witherspoon would make a fantastic Alex. I could see her in the boardroom, being sexy and harried all the while having serious chemistry with the cop.

Hope - A fun high school guidance counselor who is adored by her students. But Hope hates her body, her frizzy hair, and is straddled by hippie parents. She loves her BFFs, Alex and Suzy, but wishes she had one-ounce of their sexiness. Hope faces many trials with her hippie parents and discovers a secret that almost went to the grave. Melissa McCarthy would make such a great Hope. I can just see her dealing with the hippie parents, Larry and Montana, and the students would love her!

Sgt. Tony Montgomery - A sexy bad-boy cop who has a cheating wife. He falls for Alex but won't leave his marriage because of his young son, Joey. Tony has a few secrets of his own but that swagger, chiseled jaw line, and icy blue eyes pretty much let him get away with anything. I don't KNOW who would be best for Tony. He needs to have dark hair and be tall. I describe him as a younger, taller George Clooney in my novel. Any suggestions? Maybe a taller Adam Levine? I know Adam's a singer but he has the right look. Feel free to suggest an actor to play the cop! Thanks to Leslie for suggesting Ian Somerhalder for one of her characters. He'd make a great Tony/cop!

Okay, that was fun. And, by the way, my novel is available on Amazon at
THURSDAYS AT COCONUTS has gotten over sixty rave reviews! I can't tell you how much that excites and humbles me. Thank you! Please comment and then hop over to see the cast of characters for  Carolyn Spear at http://www.carolynspearromance.com/blog


  1. Hey - Adam's an actor, too! He was in "Begin Again" with Kiera Knightley - it's on my to watch list. And Ian has fabulous eyes!!

  2. Really?!! Adam would be perfect. Thanks for stopping by.

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  4. I love Melissa McCarthy. Fabulous.

    1. She's my favorite and would be so perfect as Hope!! Thx for stopping by.