Monday, October 2, 2017

RAVEN Award - Favorite Contemporary Runner-up

Boy, am I behind. Since receiving runner up in the "Favorite contemporary" category for SLEEPING WITH ELVIS, I've attended two major conferences and just realized I hadn't updated my blog.

A big thank you to UnCaged Book Reviews for nominating SLEEPING WITH ELVIS based on reviews and to the readers who voted for me. It was a huge honor to be named runner up. See my pretty badge?

 Have you read SLEEPING WITH ELVIS? It's set on charming, secluded Key Lime Island and my hero is an Elvis impersonator who happens to have a cursing parrot (with impeccable timing!) I always infuse plenty of humor and suspense, along with romance, of course!

As background, my mother loved the King and so did I. I've been to Graceland twice and even saw Elvis perform when I was a teen. It was a thrill. Sadly, he died two months later. I've also watched several Elvis impersonators/tribute artists. While watching one perform in Florida, I had a light bulb moment and SLEEPING WITH ELVIS was born.

Below are my cover, tagline, and Amazon buy link. Thank you for your support!

A dream vacation turns deadly. A hunky Elvis impersonator is on the island. Pepper is stranded, 
her rogue boyfriend is irate, and the parrot curses. 
Now what?

Amazon buy link:

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