Monday, November 6, 2017


I am thrilled to tell you about my newest release, MIRACLE ON AISLE TWO. First of all, it's a Christmas novella (right at 25,000 words). Secondly, I adore the cover. Once you see it, you'll immediately understand the sweet, heartwarming tone of my story. Ready? Drum roll, please...

See what I mean? Too cute for words. I can say that since I'm not the designer. However, I did find the scrawny tree and angel while perusing photo sites and the tree is exactly how I pictured it. One of my characters, Betsy, who is in kindergarten, picked it out. :) It's just slightly bigger and prettier than Charlie Brown's Christmas tree, but not by much.

I'll share my blurb below but wanted to tell you how this madcap, hard-core writing adventure began. After I wrote, edited, and submitted my Coconuts Book 2 (it was accepted and I got a contract, by the way, which I'll discuss in another post), I plodded around the house wondering if I should immediately dive into Coconuts Book 3 or try my hand at writing a novella with entirely different characters for a change of pace. Since I love holiday books and movies, you know what I decided.

While reviewing several of my short stories and half-novels on my computer, I discovered 6,100 words for a Christmas tale I had completely forgotten about writing. As I read it, I fell in love with the characters and the story. I knew I had to finish it--and fast since it was already October! For any chance of a holiday release, I also knew I'd have to indie publish, another first for me. I'm very happy with my publisher, Soul Mate Publishing, but let's face it, they represent over 300 authors who are all vying for their attention, have their own tight schedules, and cover art needs. There wasn't any way I could get this story out before fall of 2018 if I traditionally published, so I jumped in with both feet, rolled up my sleeves, and went to work on figuring out the indie side of the publishing business.

I researched cover artists and checked on their timelines. I sought out beta readers and editors who could turn the work around in a few days. Then, I hunched over my computer and pulled several 9-11 hour days over three weeks. By focusing solely on this story, eating out a lot, skipping housework, and a few(!) showers, I managed to add 18,100 words in three weeks! That's a record for me. I can't say I'd do that again because my back and wrists hurt, plus my eyes looked like a road map. I ended up penning THE END while wearing my trusty wrist braces. Don't worry. I'm fine now but it was a grueling schedule.

Thanks to my cover designer and beta readers, the whole project was finished and released on schedule on November 1 while I was in California visiting my daughter and grandson. I had tech issues on release day, talked to eight Amazon representatives, and got so worked up my daughter had to take the phone. Whew! I'm glad that's behind me. Now, I have to market it. I'll be having several contests in November and December, as well as a launch party in December. More about all of that later.

As promised, here's the blurb for MIRACLE ON AISLE TWO:

Fired two weeks before Christmas, distraught single mom Madison wonders how she’ll afford to pay for her young daughter’s Christmas gifts and still keep a roof over their heads. Sleigh bells and twinkling lights are the last thing on her mind—until a handsome stranger intervenes.

Successful architect Adam Donovan dives into his work by renovating an elaborate hotel after his wife leaves him. He barely notices it’s Christmastime until he overhears a young mother’s tearful plea. Stepping in makes Adam feel like Old Saint Nick himself.

Will Madison and Adam find holiday joy—and possibly love—after discovering Adam’s secret or will it tear them apart?

Amazon buy link:

My novella is available as an eBook and also in paperback. I'd love to hear if you enjoy Christmas stories or have written under extremely tight deadlines. Happy reading!

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