Friday, July 31, 2009

Sometimes Life Gets In The Way

When it comes to writing, do you let life get in the way? I often do but wish I didn't. For decades I worked in a corporate office, Monday through Friday (more about that in another post). Having to go to an office each day forced me to accomplish my work. I met my deadlines. Always. And had lots of them. The past month has been completely out of control. Family members visited for most of July. Fun, to be sure, but everything work-wise came to a standstill. On top of that, two family members were hospitalized this month--one out of town for well over a week. Like it or not, my husband and I basically put our work on hold the entire month. Sometimes I miss going to the office purely because I was forced to work for eight straight hours, and therefore, was definitely more productive. I've gotten too lax by working out of my home. Also, since I now work from home, others sometimes don't see that I actually "work" if that makes sense. I'm working even if I am in my pj's. Maybe I should think about renting an office...and wearing one of my corporate suits every day--just so we're all clear that I have work to do. Myself included. Do you let life get in the way of your writing? If not, care to share your tips?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Unusual Words

Okay, writers. What unusual/funny/cool/interesting words have you used in your short stories and novels? Below are a few words I've used in my current novel (with an explanation of how they were used). Yummy - How Alex referred to the sexy Sgt. Tony Montgomery Bamboozled - How Suzy felt about her son's surprise Bread - A seventies term referring to money and used often by Hope's hippie dad Scumbag - What Sgt. Montgomery called a meth dealer Cyber friends - Displaced New Yorker Cheri's only friends Testy - Marc, the gay florist's, description of Suzy's bratty bride What fun, interesting words have you used lately?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fave Summer Recipes

I know my blog is mainly about writing but our characters have to eat, right? And one of my characters is a chef so I love to discover interesting recipes that she can create. Below is my new, favorite burger: Green Pepper Chili Burgers 2 lbs. lean ground beef 1/2-3/4 white onion (chopped) 1/2 green pepper (chopped) 3-4 T. chili sauce Mix all together in a bowl, make patties, and grill. Yum! These are great. Here's one more: Chocolate Mint Ice Cream Pie 1 carton softened chocolate mint ice cream (I use the sugar-free Splenda kind) 1 Oreo pie crust Spoon softened ice cream into pie crust. Smooth top with a spoon and freeze. Thaw about five minutes before serving. Everyone loves this pie and always thinks it's grasshopper pie. If they only knew how easy it is! You can substitute your favorite ice cream and use a graham cracker crust as well. Do you have an easy peasy summer recipe you'd like to share?