Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ORA Con 2012 This Saturday

ORA CON 2012 is this Saturday, June 23, at the Howard Johnson's on S. Glenstone in Springfield, Missouri. Presented by Ozarks Romance Authors which just happens to be celebrating its 25th anniversary, you won't want to miss this conference. But it isn't just for romance writers. Oh, no. We'll have authors, speakers and agents who represent westerns, paranormal, non-fiction, YA, thrillers, and of course, romance. Sigh.

Two big-time agents, Lucienne Diver, The Knight Agency, and Cori Deyoe, Three Seas Literary Agency, will be taking pitches. Breakout workshops are shown below and there's even a query letter gong show which I'm can't wait to see. Check out this link to register for Saturday's conference or just pay at the door but the caterer would really like to plan enough lunches for everyone.

We begin with a booksigning on Friday, 4:30-6 p.m., at the Springfield, Missouri, Barnes & Noble. Now, where can you attend one booksigning featuring an award-winning western author, romance author of over 80 books, a paranormal author and international bestselling thriller author? I can answer that. No where. So join us! The booksigning is free. You'll have a chance to mingle with these authors, as well as local authors and win prizes.


8am: Breakfast and Raffles
8:45am: Introductions and Opening
9-12pm: Pitch Sessions with Cori Deyoe and Lucienne Diver
9-12pm: Critique Sessions with Rob Thurman
9-10am: Leigh Michaels – Workshop: Self-Publishing – Tips, Tricks, and Tripwires
10-11am: Jennifer Brown – Emotion in Writing: Beyond the Heavy Sigh
11-12pm: Steven Law – Workshop: Publishing and Publicity
12-1pm: Lunch and Raffles
1-3pm: Pitch Sessions with Goldminds Publishing
1-2pm: J. Brown, C. Deyoe, R. Thurman and L. Diver – Panel: Negotiating the Agent/Author Relationship
2-3pm: Leigh Michaels – Craft Workshop: Plotting Without a Net
3-4pm: C. Deyoe, L. Diver – Query Letter Gong Show
4-5pm- All Speakers – Q & A Panel
5-5:30pm Raffle Drawings and Presentation of Awards.

Hope to see you at one or both events.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Mt. Bliss (A Friday Fictioneer Story)

It's Friday Fictioneer day compliments of Madison Woods at Read and post your flash fiction here and on her site. This week's breathtaking photo is by Doug MacIlroy, from Hawaii.
Martha stared at the snow-covered volcano. Ethan adjusted his backpack. “Ready?” Martha patted her pocket to make sure her phone was inside--just in case. After several hours, she said, "I’m starving." Ethan fished inside his parka. "Beef jerky?" "I'm a vegetarian." Ethan shrugged and bit off a chunk. Martha glared at him. "After ten years of marriage, you still can't remember that I don't eat meat?" "Actually, I do remember. I also have almonds but you're allergic to those. Good luck, Martha. I told you I wanted a divorce but you—" Martha had a feeling this hike wasn't to make amends. She shoved Ethan into the giant pit using Catwoman-like strength.