Friday, March 21, 2014

Who Can I Blame?

I finally made it here to my poor, neglected blog and don't have anyone to blame but myself. However, I do have a lot of EXCUSES.

First, we're away from home and are trying our hand at being snowbirds. (Yes, we have a house sitter and are heading home soon, so no worries.) While in sunny, warm Florida, many of our cold-weather friends joined us, extended their visit or made return trips. Who could blame them?! So, we've been very busy entertaining, doing laundry, getting groceries and seeing the sights. That's one reason I haven't been blogging or writing.

Secondly, my daughter is getting married in May. I'm hosting a bridal shower for her in April, so I'm madly ordering gifts, favors, sending out invitations, working on games, and so on. It's an exciting time, and of course, you know me. I am a perfectionist to the hundredth degree.

Third, I'm getting acquainted with my fellow Soul Mate Publishing author friends. They are very friendly, informative and helpful. These conversations equal at least 30 (if not 50) emails a day. Whew. And I've been working with the cover artist on my debut women's fiction, THURSDAYS AT COCONUTS. I'll be revealing that very soon!

Finally, we're tackling some renovations which includes tile, wallpaper, paint, and landscaping. Why in the world did I think I had time for that?

So, who can I blame? No one but myself. I hope to get back to a regular routine now. What projects are you juggling? What are your excuses?