Thursday, February 28, 2013


This is an exciting Friday Fictioneers week since my photo is the prompt! I'm so pleased and cannot wait to read all of the 100-word offerings. If you haven't yet heard, my photo was taken in Florida (as I walked by this unique car in a parking lot). To my pleasant surprise, it placed first at the recent Ozarks Writers League annual contest. It's blue ribbon time!

Here is the interior of this cool, home-made car. I plan to print out a sampling of the FF stories and will attempt to find the owner the next time I'm in Florida. I have seen this car parked at the same restaurant twice so I'm hopeful we'll connect.

Beth Carter, Photographer (c)

By Beth Carter

Jenny sat on a sofa, avoiding the gaze of her trust-fund cousins. They had always looked down their plastic-surgery noses at her waitress job, but her sweet, funny uncle had loved her.

The attorney announced $100,000 would go to each grandchild for educational purposes. He then addressed her two cousins by name. “Your father has bequeathed his cattle ranch to you.”

Jenny stiffened, knowing how they loathed getting their hands dirty.

He turned to Jenny. “Your Uncle Clever left you his favorite car.”

Her smug cousins laughed while Jenny wondered how she would spend the $1 million she knew was under the floorboard.

Actually, I wrote TWO stories this week. Maybe I'm entitled since I took the photo. Maybe not.
Either way, please let me know which one you like best! Here's #2:


By Beth Carter

Sylvia took a long sip of chardonnay as she studied Tina’s perfectly manicured nails and designer shoes—the nails and shoes Sylvia had long envied.

“You know, I thought I had finally found the right guy.”

“What happened?”

“We met at that new restaurant, ordered an expensive meal and drank a bottle of imported wine.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

Sylvia rolled her eyes. “Nothing. Everything was perfect until—”

Tina leaned forward. “Until what?”

“He offered to drive me to his yacht in his ‘pride and joy.’ When we got to the parking lot, he opened the door to THIS.”

Hope you enjoyed my two flash fiction pieces! Hop over to
to read the other 100-word stories by our growing Friday Fictioneers.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Winning Photograph

I was flabbergasted and beyond thrilled when I was notified that I had won FIRST PLACE in the annual Art & Photography Contest by Ozarks Writers League in February. I mean I almost needed garlic waved in front of my nose. To my dismay, I was out of state during the meeting to receive this honor. Still, it was amazing news.

As background, this was the first time I had entered a photography contest and it certainly won't be my last. Most of you know I am not tech savvy. Not in the least. I finally threw away my corded Princess phone (okay, it was almost that bad) and bought a new-fangled phone that has a great camera. Ever since my phone/camera purchase, I've been snapping pictures constantly. I'll run to catch a great shot, crouch, squint, try different angles, stand in the hot sun or on an icy patch--whatever it takes. I almost feel like a real photographer.

Okay, okay. I know you just want to see the winning photo. I entered a few and honestly thought a couple of wildlife photos might have a chance at placing. This award-winning photo caught me by surprise (a very pleasant surprise). It's funny. Really funny and is a home-made car by an ingenious person. I first took photos of the exterior but couldn't see the rich, humorous details inside. So, I got close to the car from every possible angle and came up with this... Note: It's best enjoyed in the 8" x 10" version.

Car spotted in Cape Coral, Florida. It really runs!
"Car Seats" photo by Beth Carter

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Creative Writers

As I prepare to enter my first-ever photography contest, it occurred to me that writers not only write creatively, they are naturally creative people. To illustrate this, let me introduce you to several of my author friends who are extremely creative:

  • Linda and Jan both write and paint
  • Shirley writes and crochets
  • Stephanie writes and makes beaded jewelry
  • Brenda, Sharon, and Mike write and are award-winning photographers
  • Amy writes, dances, acts, and is a magician's assistant
  • Lonnie writes and plays instruments
  • Mike writes, sings, and plays several instruments
  • Linda writes and is a public speaking expert
  • Claire writes and is an amazing cook (or so I hear!)
  • Ruth and Linda write and read Tarot cards
I'm sure I've missed several, so please fill us in. Oh, and what's my claim to fame? I write, play the piano (albeit rarely) and have a new-found interest in photography thanks to my updated cell phone. (I'm currently shopping for an easy digital camera.) I also bought a Drawing for Dummies book because I would love to learn to draw and paint. Once in high school, I made a paper mache` clown that actually made it into the main hallway showcase at Central High School. That's big for someone who normally cannot draw stick people. I'd give anything to have that cute clown.

How about you? Besides writing creatively, are you a creative writer? If so, what is your creative outlet?