Friday, March 18, 2011

My "Root" Poem

Each month, poet and children's author David Harrison selects one word as inspiration for poets. The word for March is "root." Hope you enjoy my poem below.

By Beth Carter

The square root of 8
is 64.

Or is it the other
way around?

Let’s get to the root
of the problem.

Math and writers
don’t often mix.

I try and think of a unique way to incorporate each month's word. I appreciate all of David's inspirational, well-chosen words aned root was a favorite of mine. I even drafted a children's picture book using "root."

Do you like poetry? My husband thinks all poems must rhyme. I've tried to explain free verse, but I admit I most often write in rhymes or haikus.

Feel free to submit a "root" poem of your own! We'd all love to read it.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

E-Publishing Vs. Traditional Publishing

Well, what do you think? Would you try e-publishing? Have you tried it? And do you enjoy reading books via a Kindle or Nook rather than a hard copy in your hands?

E-publishing is definitely on the rise and there are some notable success stories of late. Namely, Amanda Hocking who is just 26 and has published nine novels going this route. Her books have sold from $.99 to $2.99, and get this, she has sold a million books! You don't need a calculator to add up her impressive sales.

Hocking's trilogy has also been optioned for a movie. Her genre is YA paranormal romance and urban fantasy. I have to wonder if that genre attributes to her success. I don't imagine many baby boomers or seniors would purchase that book and her audience--teens and twenty-somethings--are very tech savvy.

Recently, Sleuths' Ink featured a guest blogger, thriller author Boyd Morrison who wrote The Ark. Morrison also e-published and sold a gazillion books online. Of note, both of these authors have agents. I wonder if they got them before or after they e-published?

Finally, Sleuths' Ink founder Shirley McCann recently e-published a collection of her short story mysteries that were once published in Woman's World. I understand she is also going to e-publish her YA novel, The Necklace. Kudos to you, Shirley, and here's to much success! BTW, this baby boomer likes your YA because it isn't filled with crazy other world stuff.

I do want to know the answer to one question: How do you have a book signing if you e-publish? Please chime in and let me know if you plan to e-publish. I'm definitely open to the idea.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Two Wins On The Literary Front

After a wonderful vacation, I returned to receive two fun wins on the literary front as follows:

Selected first runner-up in David Harrison's poetry contest and chosen Poet of the Month by judges for my haiku entitled "His Touch."

My novel's first sentence was selected as the favorite at our recent JANO awards party. I really like this win because the hook is so important.

Now, if only I had time to get back to writing that novel! What's new with you on the literary front?