Sunday, May 14, 2017

#ChickLIt May Book Boyfriend Blog Hop

NOTE: Today's blog post is brought to you by my newest hero, Ty Townsend, in honor of Book Boyfriend Blog Hop week. Read below about how you can make him the official book boyfriend. Take it away, Ty.

Hello and welcome, everyone! My name is Ty Townsend and I have a unique profession. I'm an Elvis impersonator! Everyone always told me I look like the legend himself, and since I love to sing, I chose a career where I could honor his legacy. I perform in Branson and Vegas and hope you'll attend one of my shows. Between gigs (like now) I chill on my favorite, secluded beach, Key Lime Island. In fact, I just got out of the water. Anyone have a towel?

Since I'm campaigning for Best Book Boyfriend, may I humbly suggest ten reasons why you should vote for me:

1) I have a sexy black leather costume just like Elvis. I'll wear it if you want. 
2) I'll sing any Elvis song you like. What's your favorite?
3) I love to play the guitar. Want a lesson?
4) My crazy pet is a parrot. Her name is Saylor and she curses a lot. "Vote for Ty, dammit." (Sorry, I can't control what comes out of her mouth. It can be embarrassing, especially in certain situations if you know what I mean.)
5) Key Lime Island is a private beach that's only accessible by boat or helicopter. In other words, it's very private. Want to go for a long walk on the beach?
6) Are you thirsty? I make a mean key lime martini? *heads to the kitchen*
7) Can you sing? We can perform a duet at The Tipsy Turtle. Come on. It'll be fun.
8) Maybe you'd prefer a boating adventure. I'll rent a speed boat from the Key Lime Marina. Let's go.
9) *Plucks a Hibiscus blossom* You need this behind your ear. Purple looks great on you.
10) Remember, please vote for TY TOWNSEND. Thank you. Thank you very much.

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Ty/Elvis has left the blog.

 After a deadly storm, Pepper is stranded on Key Lime Island with a rogue boyfriend, an Elvis impersonator, and his cursing parrot. Now what?

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Friday, May 12, 2017


I'm enjoying the positive reviews for my newest contemporary romance novel, SLEEPING WITH ELVIS. Thank you. I thought it would be fun to share a few memes that illustrate the romance, humor, and adventure. Aren't memes fun? Happy reading!


I'm thrilled to announce the release of SOUR POWER, my fourth children's picture book! I adore writing kidlit. They're fun, challenging, and a refreshing change in between my novel writing. Plus, I can't think of anything more important than encouraging little ones to read.

As a side note, I drafted this book over two years ago, but had to wait until my daughter had her first child (and would give me his name!) Ethan is the main character who gets magical powers from eating food that makes him pucker. The other character is Luke, Ethan's cousin, who is also our grandson and gets to fly and do crazy stunts in the air. I actually sent photos of both boys to the illustrator and asked him to "age" them. He wasn't thrilled about using real people as characters, but in the end, he did a great job of capturing both boys' likenesses.

Here's the cover:

Back cover blurb:

Ethan loves lemon cookies, lemon cupcakes, and even slices of lemons. But he doesn’t realize he receives magical powers from food that makes him pucker. When his best friend, Luke, mentions he wishes he could fly, Ethan—having just eaten lemons—waves his arms, and whoosh, Luke flies overhead like a bird. Much to his surprise, a wide-eyed Ethan watches Luke glide above the swing set, hover over their special tree house, and make figure eights in the sky. After the initial fun and excitement, Ethan begins to worry. How will he get his friend back on the ground? Will Ethan regain his super powers or will Luke fly in the sky forever? Ages 3-7.

Check out all of my novels and children's books on my Amazon author page. Thank you and happy reading!  Beth Carter's Amazon Author Page