Friday, September 3, 2010


Ten years goes by quickly when you're an adult. I was thinking about what I was doing ten years ago, and what I'd like to be doing ten years from now.

Ten years ago, I was a single mom and vice president of a bank. I was stressed all the time, working on a gazillion projects at once like television scripts, billboards, print ads, web copy, trade shows, and groan, so much more. I chaired 8 a.m. marketing meetings every Monday (the worst possible day of the week for an 8 o'clock meeting). I did corporate writing exclusively and certainly didn't have time for my current writing pleasures. My daughter was graduating high school and heading off to college. We were in dance mode all the time--lessons, shows, performances, you name it. And I was dating my now-husband.

Fast forward ten years to 2020. Hmmm. Wonder what I'll be up to? I hope that I'll have at least two novels published, three or four children's picture books published, a non-fiction book published, and I'll still be writing those fun six-word memoirs. Maybe I'll stop worrying about what I eat, stop exercising and get fat! Probably not. But it's quite possible that I'll die my hair red or cut it short. I need to do something crazy. I do hope to slow down, take time to smell the daisies, travel more with hubby, enjoy grandbabies, and do whatever it is that seniors do. Maybe I'll even get a rocking chair.

How about you? What were you doing ten years ago? What do you hope to be doing in a decade?