Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween At The Hospital

When I was director of public relations for Doctors Hospital, I decided to hold a Halloween decorating contest among the departments. I thought the patients and visitors would enjoy a festive atmosphere and the employees loved getting into the spirit. They were always up for a competition. Every department participated from pharmacy to human resources to physical therapy. The entire hospital was adorned with witches, ghosts, and pumpkins. I remember radiology used actual skeletal x-rays and hung them around the department. They won the pizza contest. I also asked every employee to dress up on Halloween and we opened our doors to the north-side kids. Fremont Elementary was one of our Partners in Education, so we invited them to our hospital-wide Halloween party. Our chief of surgery dressed like a vampire, stood on a table, and chose the top three winners of our costume contest. A few hundred little trick or treaters walked throughout the hospital, collecting candy from all the caregivers. We were also the only hospital in town to x-ray candy and received great coverage. It was very memorable and a great deal of fun in a place that is usually viewed warily, especially by children. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


  1. What a neat thing to accomplish! I am sure everyone had a great time.

  2. That sounds like a fun thing for a hospital. Don't see that much anymore, though. We don't dress up in our department either. So I just dress up at home to pass out candy. Absolutely love it.

  3. It was a lot of fun. Great memories and the kids, employees and doctors loved it.