Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cooking My First Turkey

I remember cooking my first Thanksgiving Day turkey and inviting my entire family to dinner. I was a nervous wreck and was just 24 years old. My husband had to help with the turkey because it gagged me to get the stuff out of the inside. I just couldn't do that (still can't). Then, I called my mother to ask all sorts of questions like how long to boil the potatoes and at what temperature to cook the turkey. I tried my hand at making cinnamon apples (and have never made them since) because my head was stuck in the oven spooning sauce over those apples for what seemed like hours. When my parents, grandparents, sister and brother arrived for the big meal, everyone thankfully brought food to help out. My daughter was a year old, and I can picture her little high chair beside the dining room table. She was and still is an angel. After we sat down to eat and gave thanks, I remember my grandfather, Monroe, said something I'll never forget. "I bet the president of the United States doesn't have a Thanksgiving meal as nice as this." That made all the effort worthwhile. Every year, I think of him and fondly remember that statement. Thanks, Grandpa, for the sweet memories. Wish I could cook for you and Grandma again. May you both rest in peace. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


  1. First of all, why aren't Mashed Potatoes on your poll??

    I'm not sure I've ever cooked a turkey by myself. My husband enjoys cooking big meals and I let him have it! I just help by doing the baking and doing what I'm told. I've never been known for my cooking abilities.

    My husband still cooks the turkey and dressing, even though he's in a wheelchair. I just help him get it in and out of the oven.

  2. I'm with Shirley, my husband does most of the cooking and he loves to deep fry the turkey. I make a mean apple pie, and we handle the rest together. Also like Shirley, I'm not known for my cooking abilities. That's okay, I make up for it in eating.
    M.J. Macie

  3. Shirley and M.J., you are two lucky ladies! Married to guys who cook! With all the guys I've dated over the years including my first and second husband, I've always been the main cook. BUT my current husband is a great chopper and cleaner upper! He can cook, too, if he wants but he usually doesn't want to. :)

    In fact he told me once that all the women he dated could not cook and I said I thought they were smart by saying that -- he added that was one of the things that attracted him to me. So I can't get out of it now. Oh, well.

    Shirley, I'm not big on mashed potatoes but I know a lot of people are (esp my hubby). Guess that's why I forgot about them.

    Happy Turkey Day, everyone.

  4. P.S. My second husband is also my CURRENT husband. Sounded like I had about a million of them!