Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Six Words About Fall

Most of you know how much I adore six-word memoirs. It has been awhile since I posted any, so I thought I would start with a few of my favorite fall images and events all condensed to just six words.

Pumpkins for carving. Pie for eating.
Wish I understood football, American pastime.
School back in session. Moms play.
Chilly mornings. Coffee on the deck.
Time to wear boots, sweaters again.
Red, orange and yellow leaves. Picturesque.
Deer, hunters in woods. Challenge begins.
Fall menu includes soup and chili.

Please chime in with a few of your own sixes about fall.


  1. Chilly mornings. Tea on the patio.
    Pajamas are now on at 5 o'clock.
    Trade ice cream for hot chocolate.

  2. Shirley, those are really good!!! I especially like trade ice cream for hot chocolate. ;)

    Congrats and keep them coming, everyone.

  3. Heaven in a toasted marshmallow - Campfires.
    Leaves fall with promises to return.
    Sweaters and Swimsuits trade winter accommodations.

  4. Karen, those are very good. Thanks for playing!

  5. I will have to try six words for Fall. I think I am going to head over to Nathaniel Green park today and photograph some inspiration for my blog and for my six words.

    It was nice meeting you at the Well Fed Neighbor Market Saturday. I was wondering what time is the Sleuths' Ink meeting this Saturday? I hope to attend.

  6. Great to see you on here, Kristen. Sleuths' Ink meets at 10, speaker's at 11 then lunch. Always the second Saturday.

  7. Crickets sing as leaves turn gold.
    Brisk mornings. Golden sunshine. Fall's arrival.

    I love six word memoirs, Beth. Great blog!

  8. Time levels out--kids in school.
    JANO on the horizon, new focus.

  9. Jan, great to see you on here. Your six-word memoirs are beautiful! I'm addicted to them!

    Ginny, so happy you were able to post. Love your sixes, too. Thanks.