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Meet Romance Author Toni Sue VerSteeg

Meet Toni Sue VerSteeg. Isn't she adorable?! I met her through a local writing group, Ozarks Romance Authors, in Missouri. Toni Sue has done very well for herself and has even co-written with Gemma Halliday.

Toni Sue writes romantic comedies which I love to read and watch on the big screen! Let's get started with her fun, new release, MY EX-BOYFRIEND'S WEDDING. Just by the title, you can imagine how hysterical this will be. Most of us can relate to having an ex and possibly (surely not!) trying to get even with him or her. I haven't yet read Toni Sue's novel but I'm looking forward to it. Let's ask her some questions and be sure to comment. Toni Sue is giving away one FREE copy of her new release, plus an awesome writer button for EVERYONE who comments! (See photo of the buttons below.)

Q. Tell us about your new release. What was the inspiration? What’s the genre?

My Ex-Boyfriend's Wedding is a romantic comedy. It's about a very stubborn redhead (which may or may not be loosely based on my youth *whistles and looks away*) who can't back down from a challenge by her two-timing ex. I mean, we've all had someone in our lives who knows how to push those buttons.  Jemma's no different. She accepts the challenge...and struggles with her choices. Then she meets Tony, the bride-to-be's cousin, and things get really interesting. I wrote this book to work out revenge on an ex of my own. It was very therapeutic. 

Q. How long have you been writing?

Forever. In a serious capacity, for about fifteen years. It's been a wild ride.

Q. What is your typical writing day?

I'm a pantser, so it's usually a 'fly by the seat of my pants' kind of session. I know that some people claim you have to write every day to be a 'real' writer. Well, If this is a fact, I'm not a 'real' writer. I write when I have a scene or scenes worked out in my head. I've tried to sit at the computer each day, hoping for inspiration. All this accomplished was some wasted time. Facebook can be such a naughty Siren when you don't have the words at the ready. ;)

I write the same way. I never know if this is spelled correctly--panster or pantster. And about Facebook...I know exactly what you mean. We have a love-hate relationship, for sure.

Q. Tell us something quirky about you that we may not know.

I am a giant mass of quirkiness. Let's see... Most people are befuddled that I can't eat any type of meat with a bone in it. I...just can't. *shudder* And if you have to crack it open, just don't. Not around me.

LOL. I'm the same way. In fact, I won't buy roast if it says "shoulder" or "butt" because I don't want to know which body part I'm eating. I'll only buy stuff that's non-descript so I totally get your no-bone thing.

Q. Do you use a pen name? Why or why not?

I do, but it's my maiden name. At first, it was just a way to make sure people from high school recognized the name when I 'hit the big time', and it was all in fun. Well, it was unique and was available...of course. So, I went with it. 

Q. What is your favorite marketing tip/promotional advice?

ARCs! Advanced Reader Copies are an author's best friend. Offer those free books to people willing to post a fair/honest review on a major site like Amazon or B&N when your book comes out. It helps generate a buzz and gives you something to post about on social media without having to toot your own horn. 

Good to know. Thank you!

Q. I love first lines. Post your first sentence. Hook us!

My first book has my all-time favorite first line of anything I've written. "Men suck!" How can you top that? Especially when the man-panion is working on that very last nerve. ;)
Love it!

Q. What’s your next project?  

I have several in the works right now. The most pressing is the sequel to Luck Be A Lady. Gemma Halliday and I are working on Hey Big Spender. Tessie finds herself helping her childhood nemesis prove her innocence in her husband's death. Tate will, of course, steal the show in most scenes. I just love him.
That's quite an accolade working with Gemma Halliday. Big congrats on that and the sequel sounds great. Love the title!

 I'd love to give away a book and some buttons. :) Thanks again for hosting me!
Thanks for coming by and for offering those cute buttons and one free copy. I can't wait to read your novel. Here's the blurb for MY EX-BOYFRIEND'S WEDDING:


Agreeing to photograph your two-timing ex's wedding... What could possibly go wrong?

Most women have them: those two very distinct, very different voices in their mind. One can usually be chalked up to common sense, the other to mischief, mayhem or just plain morbid curiosity. Both are always there, though, ready with their two cents worth.

Jemma Keith is no exception to the rule. She doesn’t have a problem agreeing to photograph her cheating ex-boyfriend’s wedding. The dilemma, however, is what to do once she gets there. Common sense feels like taking the high road; she can handle being the better person. Mischief wants to slither in, crashing the whole affair down around his worthless ankles.

What’s a woman to do when she can’t make up her mind? 

At least both sides are in complete harmony about the bride’s cousin, Anthony Giovanni: he’s hot, handsome, and oh, so tempting.

Join Jemma as she weaves through a web of lust, temptation, revenge, and maybe even love.





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  1. Great interview ladies. Ex's can make for some good material that's for sure.

    1. Forever, Wanda. Forever... Thanks for stopping by. :)

  2. That's for sure, Wanda. I think most of us have an ex-husband or former boyfriend that make fodder for books! Completely fictionalized to protect the innocent, of course! :)

  3. Your writing is so much fun. I can't wait to read this one.

    Oh, and nothing against people who eat animals, but I only eat meat that comes from factories in nice little plastic packages. No hunks of dead animal for me. (Nothing like a few comforting delusions to get you through your day.)

    And my spelling vote is pantser--as in pants-er.

    1. Ditto about the meat. Lol. Thanks for coming by, Sharon, and for your spelling vote. I see it written both ways.

    2. Yup, stick your head in the sand and pretend with me. That's my motto. ;) And yeah, 'pantser' all the way.

  4. Great blog.
    Sidenote -I don't eat chicken because I once had to help pluck the feathers out of chickens my aunt had just killed on the chopping block - to make it worse - she served chicken for dinner that night. UGH. CANNOT eat chicken.

    I can't wait to read my Ex-Boyfriend's Wedding. I love romantic comedies.

    1. Lol about the chickens. It's one of my least favorite meats. I'd be the same way if I had to pluck the feathers. Eww.

      Thanks for stopping by, Lisa. This does sound like a fun read.

    2. I adored "My Ex Boyfriend's Wedding" as I gushed in my review. One of my favorite aspects of the book was that the side characters were so rich and colorful. Often I tend to skim through these characters to get to the meat of the story, but I couldn't do that with this one!

      And, re: chickens. When my daughter was 5 she figured out that the chickens with feathers were the same kind of chickens we ate. It was a revelation to her. The next time I went grocery shopping, she was lagging behind. I found her in the poultry section, touching all the chicken packages and apologizing to them individually. I think we opted for pizza that night. :)

    3. That's so SWEET about your daughter, Terri. Thx for coming by. This sounds like a fun read and right down my alley.

    4. Ugh, Lisa! Yeah, that's part of my problem. An ornery cousin who thought it was funny to take me to a meat processing plant without telling me what it really was. I still haven't completely forgiven Craig. :-/

    5. Awwww! Terri, what a sweet story. Pizza is always good in a pinch. And THANK YOU so very much for the review. Consider yoruself hugged!

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  6. Loved this interview. You guys know how to make me laugh & get the book.

    1. Gotta market our books don't we? Thanks Tierney. I tried leaving a comment on yours earlier and it didn't "take" I don't think. I'll try again.

    2. Tierney, you're onto us! ;) Thanks for stopping!

  7. Great interview. Love the first line question and answer. This sounds like a book I need to read.

    1. I love hooks and always all that question. Hers was a great first sentence! Thank you for coming by, Samantha.

    2. Thanks, Samantha. :) And thank you for stopping.

  8. Congrats, Lisa Wells! You've won the book! Your choice. Please visit and pick. You can then email me at Thanks to everyone for stopping by! :) I will be sure to get everyone their buttons at our next ORA meeting.

  9. Congrats, Lisa!!! Thanks for coming by, everyone, and good luck with your new release, Toni Sue.

  10. What a great interview and the perfect premise for a romantic comedy.

    BTW - Congrats on your soon-to-be-released book, Beth. I'm very proud of you.

  11. Russell, you're such a sweetheart. Thank you. I love your humor writing. How's your project going?